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Visa is one of the important parts of travel. If you enter another country from a born country, you will have a visa. The visa is a legal agreement to enter the country. If you plan to travel, the passport is the main document. Before traveling in Mongolia, you have to check your passport date and free page.

This is one of the important travel prepare. But sometimes countries contract between each other about citizens enter each country without a visa while a certain period of time. If your country has a contract with Mongolia about enter without a visa, you won't need any visa. This is a list of countries:


Although your country hasn't contracted with Mongolia yet. You necessarily need a visa to enter Mongolia. And you can’t decide about your visa problem. We can help with your visa service. Enza Tours LLC organized an official visa service.

The summer is nice weather to travel to Mongolia. On average you need 7 to 14 days in your Mongolian travel. In 7 days, you can travel one region of Mongolia that gobi, central or north. And in 14days, you can travel to most regions of Mongolia. But if you want to travel the whole Mongolia, you will need at least 1 month. Therefore, we can arrange all kinds of travel you want for you.

About Enza Tours LLC

If you want to make a Mongolian tour, we are the Mongolian travel agency, can create your unique trip in Mongolia. We also have other Mongolia tours, and while you travel, you can try the Khuvsgul with other destination, local nomadic family, and we can help you create a trip for you.

Just write an email to us, we will plan your tour with you and let’s create your happiness together.

We offer you the below tours and join our current tours:

We are Enza Tours LLC, the official tour operator, and we create Mongolia tours.

Our customers will discover the nomadic Mongolian people, the vast Gobi desert, reindeer community, ancient Mongolian capital, Mongolian customs and traditional Mongolian food. In addition to that beautiful nature will amaze the customers.

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