Mongolian tour guide

We start our Mongolia Travel from Enza Tours LLC office. Before we start our guide and driver will introduce them.You will see there an eternally clear sky, blue mirages, golden sands and boundlessly expansive steppe lands, wild asses, ibexes’ camels, mountain sheep and gazelles flourish here, as do different types of flora. That’s the Gobi Desert of Mongolia and Waterfall, horse riding, hot spring, white lake.


You will explore the extraordinary formation of rocks and stones; some of them look quite like turtles and visit one of the small Buddhist temples in Terelj national park. After we drive to the tallest horseman-statue in the world, dedicated to legendary Mongolian emperor – Chinggis or Genghis Khaan, and see as far-sighted Chinggis Khaan holds a golden whip in his right hand. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger or Tourist camp.

Day 1. Terelj National Park and Chinggis Statue

We will start our trip with a full day driving to the Baga Gazariin Chuluu Ruins 1768 m high granite Stone Mountain in the territory of Adaatsag soum, Dundgobi aimag. They are not only rich in mineral and crystals, but also eye spring, old stone temple ruins related to 17th century. We will hike around the mountain. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 2. Baga gazriin chuluu

After breakfast, we will drive to Tsagaan Suvraga (White Stupa). It is located junction of middle Gobi and south Gobi provinces. Tsagaan Suvraga (White Stupa) is interesting to see the sheer slope, facing east, which from a distance seems to be the ruins of the ancient city. Hiking is very good point. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 3. Tsagaan Suvraga

The mountains here are the highest in the Gobi Desert and the rocky scenery is quite interesting, especially until mid-July while the ice in a gorge remains. Some wildlife viewing. We will walk 3km through a narrow valley, then 3 km back to the minivan. Stay overnight in a camping out or tourist camp.

Day 4. ” Three beauty mountains” National Park

In the morning we will drive to “Khongoryn Els” dunes. The Khongoryn Els is some of the largest and most spectacular dunes in Mongolia. We will see beautiful views, huge dunes and a cold-water spring with a river that leads to two small ponds. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or tourist camp.

Day 5. “Khongoryn Els” dunes

We will climb and hike to the top of the biggest dunes. The dunes make sound like plane engine in a windy day, so it is named as “Singing Dunes”. Also, if you wish, you may walk alongside the creek for about 10 km. We arrange a camel riding trip on the real dunes. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or tourist camp. Have Traditional Mongolia BBQ for dinner (upon your request). The activity will be camel riding.

Day 6.” Khongoryn Els” dunes

In the morning, we will drive to Bayan Zag. It means “rich in saxaul shrubs” is more commonly known as the “Flaming Cliffs”. It was formed 60-70 million years ago. The area is most famous for the first discovery of dinosaur eggs. Flaming Cliffs was discovered in 1922 by the explorer Roy Chapman Andrew, who visited in Mongolia. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger or Tourist camp.

Day 7. Bayan Zag

We will drive to Ongyn hiid, where you can see the ruins of a big monastery on the bank of the Ongiin River. This monastery has 28 temples and other buildings on the south slope of the Rocky Mountain like Balsa country and stupa which are not broken. This monastery had about 1000 lamas and it was destroyed during the Stalinist purges in 1930s. The Ongyn hi