Mongolian tour guide

We start our Mongolia Travel from Enza Tours LLC office. Before we start our guide and driver will introduce them.North Mongolia is mainly known for its famous Lake Khovsgol, the smaller brother of the nearby Lake Baikal to the north in Russia. The clear crystal blue Lake reflects the soaring mountains and sky, surrounded by extensive green plains. Western Mongolia is famous for being the home for a dozen ethnic groups of Mongolia and the Kazakh people and is the least travelled area of the country.


This is one of the most well-known and largest monasteries of Mongolia, it is in the beautiful Iven Gol River valley on the foot of Burenkhan Mountain in Baruunburen village of Selenge province. Visitors especially enjoy the magnificent art and architectural construction. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 1. Amarbayasgalant monastery

It is Volcano Mountain in Bulgan province. We will see ruins which Uyghur city was ruin Baibalik is situated 14km west from the center of Khutag-Under Small town. Stay overnight in camping out or Tourist camp.

Day 2. Uran Togoo Mountain

In the morning drive to Khuvsgul Lake. It is the second-most voluminous freshwater Lake in Asia. 99 springs and rivers flow into the Lake and just one river flows out of the Khuvsgul which Eg River is. Also, the Lake surrounded by alpine mountains, which are covered with thick taiga. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 3. Khuvsgul Lake

You will ride horse or hike along the shore of the lake. On the way, we will visit Tsaatan family, breed reindeers. Some families bring their reindeer to the Shore of Khuvsgul Lake each summer, to partake in the tourist in industry. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp. Have Mongolia traditional barbecue for dinner.

Day 4. Khuvsgul Lake

We will drive to Jugnayn Lake, which is located near Tsetseleg village in the Khovsgol province. You can see Rock drawings and Men stone near that area. You can go fishing and hiking. Stay overnight in camping out.

Day 5. Jugnayn Lake

We will drive to Telmen Lakewhich is a saltwater Lake in Zavkhan, Mongolia. There are three islands in the lake, where many migratory birds gather. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger or Tourist camp.

Day 6. Telmen Lake

We will drive to Khyargas Lake, one of the largest lakes in Mongolia and top attractions in western Mongolia. The basic attraction of the Lake is Khetsuu Khad (Hard Rock) an enormous rock sticking out of the water that attracts migratory cormorant birds. The birds arrive in April and hatch their young in large nests built on the rock. Stay overnight in camping out.

Then drive to Buurug del dunes which are direct continues of Gobi Desert and the most northern edge of the desert zone in the world. The dunes and surrounding mountains are designated wilderness; this is a great place to enjoy unspoiled natural beauty in a variety of ways. Here you can climb up to the dunes. Stay overnight in camping out.

Day 7-8. Khyargas Lake

The rocky formations of Senjit Khad have a very interesting shape. In effects, the often-violent wind coming from Gobi Desert drilled the rock in several places and in the middle of the rock. This rocky formation is located on top of a hill from where You will enjoy an amazing view on the whole area, with its desert-type landscapes typical of Gobi. Stay overnight in camping out.

Day 9. Senjit had

Otgontenger means “youngest sky” is the highest peak in the Khangai Mountains in Mongolia. It is 4021m high. The mountain is located in Zavkhan Province and is the only peak in the Khangai range that is capped with a permanent glacier. The south face of Mount Otgontenger is the most extensive granite wall in Mongolia. Since the introduction of Buddhism, traditional Mongolian beliefs have held that wrathful deities inhabit many of Mongolia’s sacred mountains. Ochirvaani is particularly associated with Otgontenger. Stay overnight in camping out.

Day 10. Otgontenger Mountain

We will drive to Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park. Extinct volcanic craters, pine-clad lava fields, the occasional herd of grazing yaks and the Great White Lake, as it is known in English, are the natural highlights of the Arkhangai province. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 11. Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park

On this day we will take it easy and rest. Some of the activities which can be done are horse riding and hiking. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger or Tourist camp.

Day 12. Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park

Early morning, we will drive to Khorgo Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park. Here you will stay on the bank of the White Lake and visit some hundred years old Khorgo volcano crater and other natural sites. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger or Tourist camp. 

Day 13. Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park

We will drive to the Tsenkher hot springs. It is one of the biggest hot springs in Mongolia with a temperature of 86 degree hot, a high flow rate, high alkalinity and relatively high amounts of fluoride. The hot spring is mostly used for relaxing and restoring your health. Stay overnight in a tourist ger camp.

Day 13. Tsenkher hot spring

We will drive to waterfall “Orkhon”, which is the great place for taking photos and go hiking through the gorge. 1-hour horse ride trail. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 14. Orkhon valley

We will to drive to Mount Khogno Khan Nature Reserve in the afternoon. On reaching the mountain after a couple of hours you will arrive at a nomadic family ger in front of this beautifully forested rocky mountain. The mountain is home to hundreds of birds, deer, and gazelle. You will be able to go hiking around the area or to the small dunes nearby called “Elsen Tasarkhai”. 1 hour camel ride trail. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 15. Khogno Khan Nature Reserve

We will see Takhi, the Asian wild horse. If you have a chance, see wolf, argali sheep and deer. Enjoy small hiking and photographing the charming landscape and wildlife. Finally, we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

Day 16. Khustai National Park and Ulaanbaatar

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Discounts: 30% off for children under 2-6 years old



  • Transfers upon arrival and departure

  • English speaking guide at all times.

  • In the countryside, all lodging will be in ger camps and nomadic family’s Ger.

  • All meals are provided as stated in the itinerary.

  • Ground transportation: in the countryside by driven 4WD van, bus in the city area.

  • Park entrance fees

  • Horse and Camel ride

  • Sightseeing as per itinerary

  • 1.5 litre of drinking water per day per person


Not included


  • Accommodation in a hotel or hostel in Ulaanbaatar

  • Hotel extras, such as telephone calls, bar bills, and laundry services

  • Travel insurance, medical insurance

  • Visa application fees

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Personal expenses such as IDD call, the internet, laundry, items of a personal nature

  • Gratuity to local guides and drivers

  • Airfare or train ticket

  • Airport taxes, excess baggage charges (over 44pound / 20kilo)

  • Changes of arrival/departure flights

  • Additional services

  • Any charges of major force beyond our control (e.g., imposition, quarantine restrictions, etc…)

Packing list

This is a suggested packing list, which you should feel free to adjust to suit your needs. Please refer to our travel guide for more detailed information.


  • Backpack or soft bag

  • Waterproof bag cover

  • Daypack

  • Headlamp/flashlight

  • Spare batteries/bulb

  • Personal medications

  • Waterproof hiking boots

  • Waterproof jacket with hood

  • Waterproof over pants

  • Fleece jacket or wool jumper

  • Cotton t-shirts

  • Long sleeve shirts

  • Lightweight trousers

  • Shorts

  • Socks

  • Underwear

  • Sun hat

  • Sandals

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun cream

  • Insect repellent

  • Resealing (Ziploc) plastic bags

  • Binoculars/camera

  • Watch/ alarm clock

  • Money belt/ pouch

  • Insurance confirmation copy

Emergency contact number


  • Duration:  16 days, 15 nights
    Group Size: 1-10
    Overall and Tour:  Distance 3100 km
    Tour Operator:  Enza tours LLC
    Activities:  Horse and camel riding, hiking, visiting the Amarbayasgalant monastery, Khustai National park to see wild horses.

Do you want this tour? Contact us!

Enkhzaya Ganbold (Enza)

Staying In The Nomadic Family

(Budget Tour)

  • 1pax:170$ per person and per day 

  • 2pax:110$ per person and per day 

  • 3pax:95$ per person and per day 

  • 4pax:85$ per person and per day 

  • 5-12pax:75$ per person and per day 

Enkhzaya Ganbold (Enza)

Staying In The Tourist Camp (Accommodation with Hot Shower And Toilet)

  • 1pax:240$ per person and per day

  • 2pax:165$ per person and per day

  • 3pax:155$ per person and per day

  • 4pax:150$ per person and per day

  • 5-12pax:140$ per person and per day


Mongolian tour guide