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What our customers say about Enza Tours LLC

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Great tour in Mongolia

Enza (Mongolia tour manager) and Tony (English speaking guide) were very friendly and very helpful throughout our trip in Mongolia. They were even willing to modify the itinerary on short notice and try to accommodate all our needs. Very professional services and their tours give you an authentic glimpse of Mongolia! I am happy that choose these Mongolian travel agency. Next time I would love to come back to Mongolia to discover visit local people and discover the more Mongolian culture.


Timothy Astandu

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Amazing tour in Mongolia

We had an excellent tour to Gobi dessert with Enza tours. The arrangement was highly professional; we got everything (and more) for what we paid for. Our tour guide Mughi and our driver Dunia were incredible people, really knowledgeable, flexible and attentive to our wishes. They were ready to change their plans in Red Cliffs when we ended up in a sand storm and instead of seeing the sunset, they offered us to wake up early and see the sunrise and hike then, which was great as we were the only ones there.
We can't find words to thank for all of them to make the best trip we've ever had and exceed all our expectations.
It's a brand new company, and they did an extraordinary job! Thank you all!


Evelina Gar


An excellent tour in Mongolia !!

Mongolian adventure and real good-natured hospitality. Bimba was just a great guide and friend during my 19 days of travel. We saw as much as possible and she was a willing participant in hiking and sightseeing. Not only is she a great informative guide she is also an awesome cook. Tumee is Mongolia’s best driver and lets nothing stop us from getting to where we were headed. He is also a really cool dude. Despite the language barrier, we became fast friends and I could tell he is an extremely funny guy with a gigantic heart. I will remember the folks at Enza Tour and my Mongolian adventure fondly for the rest of my days!! Thanks, guys!!



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Pearl of Mongolia tour

Where do I begin with Enza tours everything was perfect and well planned. I started communicating with Enza somewhere around Feb or March for our trip to Mongolia in May. She helped me in everything, right from planning a perfect circuit keeping in mind our daughter and our preferences. Such swift and professional communication. She kept in mind all our requirements and designed a wonderful circuit for 10 days giving us her best staff to take care of us! No matter how much, my words can’t express how great Dunia (our driver) and Haliuanaa (our guide) were. They made our stay and our trip most memorable. Haliuanaa was very knowledgeable, friendly, fun, energetic, efficient and most importantly a great cook. My 8 year old grew very fond of her and Dunia. She knew about her country like a pro, ask her anything she has an answer, may it be about a small bird or 13th-century ruins. Incredible. She made us feel comfortable in all possible ways. She is so thoughtful and knows how to make her guest love her country, she gave us history book as a read on while our stay in Mongolia, like that we learnt so much all the while relating to what we would visit and see next. That is a classic move! (We even bought those books later in a book store ☺️) Always there for us, sometimes making a fire in the early morning or odd night times if it would get too chilly. 10 days and we felt like a family with them. Almost heavy heart to say goodbye at the airport when she comes to see us off at 3 am with Dunia, now isn’t that wonderful of her! I have nothing but a positive review about this tour company and if you want a comfortable, fun and ‘not a thing to worry about’ holidays then go with Enza tour. Thank you, Enza for this unforgettable experience and memories that you help us create! Keep up the good work.

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Dr Preethi Anand


 a unique and enriching experience

It does not need much to say, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to explore Mongolia and need a guide, choose Enza Tours - you will not regret it. 

The service is not only excellent to provide you with a unique and enriching experience, but also the tour guide strives to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the journey. 

Enza Tours LLC Man, that's all I'll say.

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Girl Hiking in Mountains


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Our wonderful visit to Mongolia included the Naadam festival where we saw the spectacular opening ceremony, archery, horse racing wrestling finals and closing ceremony. When we arrived, there was a huge parade in the square right outside our hotel and there were festivities the entire time we were there. Definitely a must see and schedule your trip during the fest time. It was like watch the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games and they do it every year !!

Meditation by the Sea

Anne S