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Timothy Astandu

Great tour in Mongolia

Enza (Mongolia tour manager) and Tony (English speaking guide) were very friendly and very helpful throughout our trip in Mongolia. They were even willing to modify the itinerary on short notice and try to accommodate all our needs. Very professional services and their tours give you an authentic glimpse of Mongolia! I am happy that choose these Mongolian travel agency. Next time I would love to come back to Mongolia to discover visit local people and discover the more Mongolian culture.

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Evelina Gar

Amazing tour in Mongolia

We had an excellent tour to Gobi dessert with Enza tours. The arrangement was highly professional; we got everything (and more) for what we paid for. Our tour guide Mughi and our driver Dunia were incredible people, really knowledgeable, flexible and attentive to our wishes. They were ready to change their plans in Red Cliffs when we ended up in a sand storm and instead of seeing the sunset, they offered us to wake up early and see the sunrise and hike then, which was great as we were the only ones there.
We can't find words to thank for all of them to make the best trip we've ever had and exceed all our expectations.
It's a brand new company, and they did an extraordinary job! Thank you all!



An excellent tour in Mongolia !!

Mongolian adventure and real good-natured hospitality. Bimba was just a great guide and friend during my 19 days of travel. We saw as much as possible and she was a willing participant in hiking and sightseeing. Not only is she a great informative guide she is also an awesome cook. Tumee is Mongolia’s best driver and lets nothing stop us from getting to where we were headed. He is also a really cool dude. Despite the language barrier, we became fast friends and I could tell he is an extremely funny guy with a gigantic heart. I will remember the folks at Enza Tour and my Mongolian adventure fondly for the rest of my days!! Thanks, guys!!

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Preethi anand 2 Enza tours.jpg

Pearl of Mongolia tour

Where do I begin with Enza tours everything was perfect and well planned. I started communicating with Enza somewhere around Feb or March for our trip to Mongolia in May. She helped me in everything, right from planning a perfect circuit keeping in mind our daughter and our preferences. Such swift and professional communication. She kept in mind all our requirements and designed a wonderful circuit for 10 days giving us her best staff to take care of us! No matter how much, my words can’t express how great Dunia (our driver) and Haliuanaa (our guide) were. They made our stay and our trip most memorable. Haliuanaa was very knowledgeable, friendly, fun, energetic, efficient and most importantly a great cook. My 8 year old grew very fond of her and Dunia. She knew about her country like a pro, ask her anything she has an answer, may it be about a small bird or 13th-century ruins. Incredible. She made us feel comfortable in all possible ways. She is so thoughtful and knows how to make her guest love her country, she gave us history book as a read on while our stay in Mongolia, like that we learnt so much all the while relating to what we would visit and see next. That is a classic move! (We even bought those books later in a book store ☺️) Always there for us, sometimes making a fire in the early morning or odd night times if it would get too chilly. 10 days and we felt like a family with them. Almost heavy heart to say goodbye at the airport when she comes to see us off at 3 am with Dunia, now isn’t that wonderful of her! I have nothing but a positive review about this tour company and if you want a comfortable, fun and ‘not a thing to worry about’ holidays then go with Enza tour. Thank you, Enza for this unforgettable experience and memories that you help us create! Keep up the good work.

Dr Preethi Anand


 a unique and enriching experience

It does not need much to say, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to explore Mongolia and need a guide, choose Enza Tours - you will not regret it. 

The service is not only excellent to provide you with a unique and enriching experience, but also the tour guide strives to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the journey. 

Enza Tours LLC Man, that's all I'll say.

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Group tour.jpg

Our wonderful visit to Mongolia included the Naadam festival where we saw the spectacular opening ceremony, archery, horse racing wrestling finals and closing ceremony. When we arrived, there was a huge parade in the square right outside our hotel and there were festivities the entire time we were there. Definitely a must see and schedule your trip during the fest time. It was like watch the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games and they do it every year !!

Anne S

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12 Amazing days through Gobi and Central Mongolia

Since the very first moment I got in contact with Enza she did everything easy to make my trip possible. I even had some special requests that she took care of so I could join the tour on those special dates. Once in Ulaanbaatar she helps me arranging the transportation from the airport and to my surprise even Garavaa, the General Manager of the agency was there to give me the welcome so I felt secure from the moment I arrived in Mongolia. Once on the tour, our experienced guide and amazing cook Ms Urna went beyond to make us feel comfortable. I was impressed by Urna’s energy and knowledge. We also had an amazing driver Dunia who ended up being a lot more than that. They both became dear friends with the rest of the group, lucky me everybody was so fun and energetic! Finally, Enza gave us a great price that no other travel agency was able to offer so if you are looking to have an amazing Mongolian adventure at a very affordable price, I definitely recommend Enza’s Tours!

Diana V


I booked a tour with Enza and it was an unforgettable experience. The tour was very organized yet very flexible - they were very nice to change the itinerary at a last minute so I can experience a small naadam festival.

During the tour they provided a LOT of food so don't worry about getting hungry. Both the driver and the tour guide are a good cook and they went above and beyond to ensure my safety and comfort.

The coordinator in Enza was very nice as well in explaining everything clearly even before I arrived in Mongolia.

All in all, I highly recommend Enza Tours if you want to explore Mongolia. Make sure to let them know what kind of tour you want to experience.


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Wonderful tour in Mongolia

I know this renewed travel agency for years and even I used the service for accommodation in the capital as well as for several trips to country side. Always, this agency could fulfill my expectations completely. The service is friendly, flexible and professional. Therefore, I recommend this agency to my German friends and colleagues with great success. Thank you very much for your special service in the wonderful country Mongolia. I will visit you again!

Gunther Stehr

yellow sister enza-tours.jpg

Amazing tour in Mongolia

Enza, the manager of Enza tour she is very helpful, professional and speaks fluent English. The location of the office is convenient for tourists.
We went on a 5-day tour to central Mongolia. The van was ok though, but Dunia the driver's technic was good enough to conquer the worse road condition. 
Our tour guide Tony he was knowledgeable and easygoing, and also a great cooker. Of course, Jargal the assistant of the tour also helped a lot with the cooking. 
The horseback riding and camels back riding were certainly lighted up the day.

I would certainly recommend Enza tour to anyone who plans a trip to Mongolia in the future.

Yellow Sister

Group tour.jpg

My wife and I recently toured Mongolia with two other friends. The tour was organized and coordinated by Enza who is super efficient and explains everything clearly in detail. Enza Tours weer also responsible for hotel to airport transfers which they did in very timely manner.
While in Mongolia our guide was Bimbaa and the driver was Ganaa. Bimbaa has very excellent knowledge of Mongolia and speaks very good English which made everything very easy. Ganaa is a very patient driver and was on schedule every time.
Enza Tours is highly recommended for Mongolia travels.

Date of experience: October 2019

Ruvendra Prasad



The endless and stunning nature of Mongolia, the pureness of its people together with the high professionalism of the guide Urna and the excellent driver Dunia, made this journey one of the best adventures of my life!
Every day we explored different landscapes, from sand dunes to rocky mountains, waterfalls and limitless steppes, meeting amazing and wild animals such as eagles, horses, wild sheep, yaks, camels, etc. Nomadic families are very kind and proud of their country, they respect nature and animals in a very unique way. Our guide Urna cooked for us delicious meals and the company of our group was very enjoyable. The experience of riding a beautiful horse in the Orkhon Valley all day long was speechless!
I am extremely thankful to Enza Tour Guide, who has perfectly organized all details of this incredible journey. High recommended for those who love adventures and true emotions!

Date of experience: August 2019

Sarah 84


Wonderful tour in Mongolia

We had a great experience with ENZA TOURS. She was very professional and her team was great? Special thanks to Gana, Pat, Pympa and our translator Polar. If you travel to Mongolia, Enza TOURS is the best tour you can take with ????????



Wonderful tour in Mongolia

We had an amazing experience in Mongolia. We were met at the airport by Ochir & Tugsuu (the best duo in Mongolia if you ask me :) ) and brought to the hostel in Ulanbaator to get a quick bite to eat before we would leave on our adventure. 

I informed the company that I am a vegetarian and that my husband is allergic to wool. They took care of both requests in a very professional manner! They made sure my husband’s sleeping bags were wool free and that the accommodations had the least wool possible. Ochir would even make a separate non-meaty dish for me when they were eating meat! :) 

The trip felt very exclusive as we bearly met any other tourists at the accommodations. The accommodations chosen were very traditional, comfy and versatile (as in we were able to meet all different kinds of families.)

I requested to have as much contact with animals as possible and they organised us a camel- & horseback riding trip. 

Me and my husband both love nature and culture. We unfortunately never have much time to travel. We informed them about our needs and they gave us a custom made plan. We were able to see the Terelj park, khustai park, Chinggis khan statue, Kharakhorum & Orkhon valley & the semi-gobi.

Ochir’s English is very good, he’s super talkative and has a lot of knowledge about his country. He and Tugsuu were always smiley and willing to explain everything. 

A big plus if you get Ochir as a guide, he’s an amazing cook! He can turn the simplest dish into a burst of flavour, using just a little stove in the back of his van!

I hope to one day go back to Mongolia and visit the West, guided by Ochir & Tugsuu! :)

Laura D


8 Days Solo Trip to Gobi Desert

I've booked a tour through Enza Tour end of July at the last minute: I wanted to discover something new, a new culture, being disconnected from the modern world and having the first experience of a solo trip. I have to say that I have not been disappointed at all! From my first email to Enza to get booking information to the last goodbye to my guide, everything was perfectly smooth and well organized in a short period of time. The landscape of Gobi Desert was amazing and we were changing spot every day. I was a bit concern at first for the food and this was one of my biggest surprises! Every day for breakfast, lunch or dinner, an amazing meal was prepared by Ula (my guide), it was a true gastronomic trip I have to say!
To sum up, only good points to share regarding this agency, don't hesitate at all, you can't go wrong! An unforgettable trip with amazing persons! THANK YOU!

Date of experience: July 2019



I and my friend choose this 12 days trip in Mongolia and we couldn't choose better. We didn't have any problem with Enza and we were one Day late on out trip and it wasn't a problem at all. This was A huge advantage because without this option we would not participate in this trip. People from Enza tour are amazing. They are nice and amazing people. Especially our driver Dunia!
I would totally choose this touristic office again!

Dominika Ż

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ENZA TOURS LLC | Mongolian Travel agency

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