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Korea to Mongolia travel

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Korea to Mongolia Flight

Finding direct flights from Korea to Mongolia can sometimes be a challenge. Travellers often have to settle for connecting flights, with layovers typically occurring in other major cities within Asia. Here are some airlines that you can check out for your journey:

• MIAT Mongolian Airlines –

• Korean Air –

• Asiana Airlines -

Typical Routes from Korea to Mongolia:

Travelers looking to fly from Korea to Mongolia might consider routes such as:

  • Seoul (Incheon Airport ICN) to Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) to Ulaanbaatar (Chinggis Khaan International Airport ULN)

  • Seoul (Incheon Airport ICN) directly to Ulaanbaatar (Chinggis Khaan International Airport ULN)

  • Seoul (Incheon Airport ICN) to Hong Kong (HKG) to Ulaanbaatar (Chinggis Khaan International Airport ULN)

These routes are subject to change based on airline policies, demand, and other operational factors. For the most recent and convenient flight options, it's recommended to consult various flight search engines like Skyscanner, Kayak, or Google Flights.

Don't forget to review visa requirements, any necessary quarantine procedures (particularly important due to ongoing health concerns worldwide), and current travel advisories that may affect your journey.

Korea to Mongolia Flight Time:

Direct commercial flights from Seoul to Ulaanbaatar are limited, and travellers often have connecting flights, making travel times variable. Here's a rough breakdown excluding layover times:

• Seoul to Beijing: Approximately 2 hours.

• Beijing to Ulaanbaatar: Approximately 2 hours.

  • Seoul to Ulaanbaatar (direct): Approximately 3 hours.

  • Seoul to Hong Kong: Approximately 3 hours 45 min.

  • Hong Kong to Ulaanbaatar: Approximately 4 hours 40 min.

Excluding layover durations, the total flight time can be around 3-4 hours for direct flights and approximately 4-6 hours for journeys with connections. However, layovers can extend your total travel time significantly, depending on their length.