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Eight days Gobi Desert and Central Mongolia travel

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The journey to Mongolia is a long-awaited one, and the group is excited to explore the vast country with its astonishing history and spectacular nature. With their guides, Chimgee and Ariuka, and drivers, Nasaa and Uugii, they begin their journey from the hotel and head towards the airport.

Camel back riding trial - Mongolia travel
Camel back riding trial in the Gobi Desert - Mongolia travel

Long-awaited Mongolia travel begins in the Gobi Desert

As we all had learnt about the country named Mongolia in our middle schools, all of us were excited to travel around the vast country with an astonishing history and spectacular nature. We met our perfect team consisting of guides Chimgee and Ariuka; as well as our drivers Nasaa and Uugii. There the long-awaited journey began, and we departed from our hotel at 8:53 am on the 18th of June.

On the way to the airport, the traffic was pretty bad however we have spent our time talking about the current lifestyle in Ub and Overall Mongolia. Also, we had a precious time to introduce ourselves carefully and spoke about our occupation and the purpose to visit Mongolia.

Discover Gobi desert - Mongolia travel
Discover Gobi desert - Mongolia travel

We said that we understand the current Mongolian situation because Korea had also gone through this kind of times in their history in 1970-1980s. Then we stopped by Sansar Supermarket, which is one of the big supermarket chains in Mongolia as the guide said. We didn’t buy anything, not even a snack. However, only ladies bought snacks and other things.

Moreover, 10:30 it is time to depart from UB. We have filled our car bank and ready for the long drive to White Stupa.

One of the fantastic things our tour was that we are not just driving around the beautiful nature we have an excellent opportunity to enjoy it by having an outdoor lunch which flavouring the journey with a little bit of camping. Moreover, there we found out that our guide, Chimgee, is a super talented chef.

Tasty Lunch in the nature - Mongolia travel
Tasty Lunch in the nature - Mongolia travel

Around 7:00 pm, Finally we arrived at our very first camp, Stupa of Gobi. The driving in off-road was like a rollercoaster has been an ultimate experience. All of us enjoyed the fun and adventurous road where we can see the beautiful land of Mongolia and tribes of live stocks.

On the way to camp, tourists saw the horse and camels grazing freely that make us felt the stress less and free nomadic lifestyle.

Then the moment, we have waited for long, finally came at 7:20 pm. All of our tourists are excited to see wonderful White Stupa, which has an unbelievable hidden story about how it can exist in the middle of gobi.

The incredible natural wonder has been impressive beauty for our tourists. We enjoyed the nature a lot and spent almost an hour to take a picture. After a long drive, all of us must have been tired. However, natural beauty has refreshed our strength more powerfully.

Happy tourists are ready for the delicious dinner which mixed Korean side dishes with Mongolian meal.


  • 19th of July.

  • Attraction: Yol Valley in South Mongolia

The very first stunning breakfast made by local chefs in the camp was waiting for us in the canteen (Big ger) at 7:50. You can see how the local families are running its service in the traditional way of hospitality.

Ice blocks in the Gobi desert? Try Mongolia travel
Ice blocks in the Gobi desert? Try Mongolia travel

So, after a delicious breakfast, we had some time to pack and arrange our stuff. In those pictures, you can see the gers we had spent a night, and it was hot and having the perfect natural air-cycling system which makes us feel the fresh air in the Gobi.

Then we departed at 9:00 am to our second stop Yol Valley. When the guide talks about the beautiful mountainous valley, everyone was surprised and excited about the wonder.

On the way to stop, our favourite outdoor lunchtime had finally come. Our guide Chimgee made us spicy fish soup and long waited for fried camel meat; as well as Korean egg appetiser.

Hiking through the oasis - Mongolia travel
Hiking through the oasis - Mongolia travel

After delicious camel meat for lunch, we departed to next stop Yol valley at 2:30 pm. On the way, we have discussed the beautiful nature of Mongol, especially Three Beauty National Park. Finally, at 3 pm we arrived at spectacular Yol valley and walking through the windy mountainous area was like refreshing in hot gobi. Our team were amazed to see high rocky cliffs in the middle of the gobi.

Finally, we had walked for two hours in the valley; however, the cold air and wind make this felt like a few minutes. On the way, we have seen the natural animals such as wild goats and squirrel; as well as enjoying handmade souvenirs made by local artisans and meditating in nature.

After we departed from the valley around 5 pm, the way to camp has been one of the unforgettable times of the tour. Guide and tourist have to teach one another’s musical culture. After the 2-hour musical drive, we arrived in another well-organised camp.

SURPRISE! According to the plan, we all were supposed to have free time after dinner. However, our guides have surprised us with unexpected attraction, Mukhar Shivert, near to the camp.

Visiting the iced valley in the middle of gobi was spectacular and genuinely surprised for us.


  • 20th of July

  • Attraction: Khongoryn Els - Dunes

Another beautiful morning started, and the delicious breakfast was ready at 8 am as usual.

Camp: Dungenee’s camp

Amazing Gobi desert - Mongolia travel
Amazing Gobi desert - Mongolia travel

At 9 am, we departed to the third attraction in the Gobi, Khongoryn Els. Our guide taught us that Els is Sand in Mongolian. When we were in high school in Korea, all of us were taught about Khongor Sand Dunes, the most massive sand dunes in Asia. Many of us were excited to see the long-lasting spectacular dunes that have a length of 180km.

Additionally, our guide Ariuka informed us about Mongolian governmental units. Before we come to Mongolia, we knew that Ulaanbaatar going to be the well-developed and modern city and outside of the capital city it is going to be surrounded by herder family.

This is Mongolia - Mongolia travel
This is Mongolia - Mongolia travel

However, as the guide said, Mongolia has 21 provinces which are divided into over 300 soums, the smallest unit of government and all the herder families belonged to their nearest soums. On our way to dunes, we stopped by Bayandalai soum and while we were waiting for the gas station and there the family of goats and sheep came to water next to us and that was an excellent opportunity to observe them.

Lunch: 12:30-13:30

Menu: Fried Rice /Camel Meat/ + Korean Side Dishes.

Korean food in Mongolia travel
Korean food in Mongolia travel