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Story of Pearl of Mongolia travel

Updated: Nov 16

We are Enza Tours LLC the Mongolian travel agency. We would like to share the story.

One of our lovely tourist family from India, we hope that they have a wonderful time in Mongolia. We offered different Mongolian travel destinations and they chose Pearl of Mongolia tour. So let’s read about the story!

Discover pearl of Mongolia travel
Discover pearl of Mongolia travel

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First day of Mongolia travel

Sain baina uu! Greeted a friendly smile at the airport. Mongolians are simple, warm people.

Having travelled some 40 odd countries, I was looking for something different for this time around, something challenging and wanted to see something Real, get dirty, and get adventurous too and no phone services or no 4G! Wanted to go to a place where no one spoke English and wondered where we were from.

Mongolian steppe - Mongolia travel
Mongolian steppe - Mongolia travel

Travelling with an eight-year-old, I thought, would not permit me to go too adventurous, as it turns out, it can be, in fact, more fun than I imagined in doing non-conventional things. Never underestimate the spirit of a child!

May is a month of Joy for us since we celebrate two birthdays just three days apart.

somewhere in between Ulaanbaatar and Amarbayasgalant

Our tour started with our Furgon loaded with our things, food supplies etc. for the next few days. A drive of about 400 km off the road was the plan to reach the monastery Amarbayasgalant. It lies in a calm and peaceful Iven valley near Selenge River, at the foot of the Mount “Buren-Khaan”.

So how exactly was Mongolia even different from the rest of my travel?

Mountains - Mongolia travel
Mountains - Mongolia travel

"It was awesome; it is the most beautiful landscape that I have ever seen, and yet I am not able to verbalize how beautiful Mongolia was. I can‘t find those words to describe what I really saw. I am once again attempting to summarise and relive my extraordinary journey.

The mighty Khangai Mountains - Mongolia travel

The next coming days did indeed give me the fundamental insight of Mongolian tradition, culture and more than anything, their way of living.

Of all the things that impressed me about Mongolia, it had to be the family life and hospitality and how different the world runs there. Mongolians are very simple and shy, easily mistaken to be rude and hostile. However, once you exchange the snuffbox with the family and have the hot milk tea, that misconception vanishes in thin air.

At the traditional home of a nomad family
At the traditional home of a nomad family - Mongolia travel

Travelling with our Guide Luna and our driver Dunia proved more valuable in terms of understanding the people and the culture. She was so knowledgeable, and so much relevant information was shared.

Ger for the first time!

Our first real Ger, semi-nomadic life started when we reached Uran Togoo. We camped there in a small Ger camp that night. It was definitely exciting to see; also maybe because we were exhausted by the 8-hour drive overland and something I definitely don’t think could be considered “roads” in the world, the Ger was magical and comfortable.

For me, the Ger retained that magical sense of comfort for the rest of the trip. Inside it smelled like fire, horse, grass and general cosiness, if cosiness has a scent, let’s just say that it does.

The walls are covered with felt, and amazing hand-woven tapestries called tuskies sealing in the warmth and giving the Ger a beautiful colourful decor, different from anything we’ve experienced around the world. The sound of the fire at night is so romantic makes you forget the world outside for a brief moment.