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What are the differences in Mongolian yurt?

1.     Mongolian Nomadic Family yurt

Accommodation with a Mongolian nomadic family provides an authentic experience that includes residing in an additional yurt. This unique opportunity allows guests to immerse themselves in the traditional Mongolian lifestyle. The package typically includes breakfast and dinner, which are prepared by a guide, and lunch at a local restaurant or a picnic setting. It’s important to note that standard amenities such as toilets and showers may not be readily available, reflecting the traditional nomadic lifestyle. This experience offers a unique insight into the Mongolian culture and way of life.

2.     Mongolian Standard Tourist Camp yurt

Tourist camps in Mongolia offer a more conventional accommodation experience, comparable to the comfort and services of a 3-star hotel. These camps provide guests with breakfast and dinner, ensuring a well-rounded culinary experience. In addition, they offer access to standard amenities such as toilets and showers, which contribute to a cleaner and more comfortable stay. These camps are designed to cater to the needs of tourists, providing a balance between experiencing the local culture and maintaining the comforts of standard accommodation.

3.     Mongolian Luxury Yurt

In Mongolian tourist camps, guests have the option to choose between two types of yurts: luxury and standard. It’s crucial to understand that not all locations offer luxury tourist camps. A typical tourist camp usually houses five to seven luxury yurts, although their availability is limited. The luxury yurts are distinguished by their ensuite bathrooms, providing a private and comfortable experience for guests. On the other hand, the standard yurts come with shared bathroom facilities. This arrangement offers guests a choice between indulging in luxury or embracing a more traditional experience.