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Updated: Jun 18

Mongol nomadic Mongolia travel Enza tours
Mongol nomadic

Recently Enza Tours LLC made an agreement with MONGOL NOMADIC. For this reason, we offer you an amazing tour to discover the Mongolian customs, nomadic lifestyles and other activities. We will consider your comfort for the travel in Mongolia and provide the good local drivers and local English speaking guide. Additionally, you can combine this with another tour e.g. MONGOL NOMADIC + 9 DAYS GOBI DESERT TOUR.

We are the official Mongolian travel agency. We hope that you will enjoy with Mongolia tours.


Our customers will discover things:

Five kinds of animals (Traditional Mongolian herding)

How to make traditional Mongolia dairy products and food.

How to play traditional Mongolian games (ankle bones, singing competition, arrow shooting)

Discover the traditional Mongolian yurts and its different design.

How to build the traditional Mongolian yurt with locals

The tourist from foreign countries eager to feel the experience of nomadic culture and lifestyle, five main kinds of animals, garments, traditional dairy products and food in one place. But, there is not even herder family all of this has been done together and the lives of Mongolian herders have been dominated by the development of modern technology and this consist a different environment and is likely less attracted than their imagination. The MONGOL NOMADIC program has been operating for composing the chance to feel the experience the Mongolian lifestyle and culture in one place successfully since the year of 2011. The tourists and Mongolians are interested in visiting, as well as to show the importance of cognitive and traditional nomadic cultures to their children.

  • 1 pax - 250$

  • 2 pax - 160$

  • 3 pax - 155$

  • 4 pax - 140$

  • 5-12 pax - 120$

The Mongol Nomadic Programm

  • Welcome visitors by Mongolia customs

  • Visit the Mongolian nomadic family

  • Introducing nomadic culture and lifestyle

  • Offer traditional food/tea, dairy products, airag-fermented mare’s milk and Mongolian vodka/ to guests

  • Entertaining with Morin Khuur-horse fiddle and singing Mongolian folk songs

  • Take a small feast including singing, dancing and playing a finger game and inviting guests for it

  • Get introduced how to breed five animals

  • Binding and milking sheep and goats inviting guests

  • Showing the processing of dairy products and vodka brewing to the guests

  • Archery

  • Playing with national games / ankle-bone / together with guests

  • Making felt with guests

  • Glazing

  • Demonstrating how to move with a typical stroller such as a cow carriage, yak cargo, a camel or a horse-cart

Horseback riding

The Mongolian Nomadic Complex provides services for horseback riding as well as foreign and domestic travellers and tourists complying with the interests of horseback riding tour with horses and horse tour guides.

Besides horses, riding a yak, a camel riding and travelling by yak and camel carts are also available.

  • Up to 50 horses can be ridden simultaneously

  • The horse is accustomed to the horse’s conveyance and utility, gentle

  • Horse riding tour guide

  • National styled equipment and saddle that are suitable for horse riding

Nomadic Naadam Festival

We will arrange 10 regular scheduled MINI NAADAM for tourists in the 4th year, at 14: 00-16: 30 dating on

  • 6 September;

  • 3, 14, 28 August;

  • 4, 19, 25 July;

  • 6, 16, 27 June 2019.

The environment welcomes you including the big tents presented the lifestyle of Mongolia, a large number of dressed up crowds look variegated as a flower, mighty wrestlers, racehorses shuffling in the horse line, horse riders children emitting merrily songs , masters of archery, the melody of magnificent traditional long –song, Mongolian dance and fascinating smell of airag-fermented mare’s milk.


  • Open the Naadam with the long song and the Morin Khuur-horse fiddle

  • The First round of 16 mighty wrestlers

  • Mongolian dance

  • Children riding on horseback and sing a Giingoo-song around the Naadam area and move to the start of the race.

  • The Second round of wrestling

  • Archery in the archery field

  • The participants of Naadam will test their skill in the arena of archery

  • Whiteman wishes to greet the guests

  • The third round of wrestling

  • The guests go to the horse-drawn-field

  • Choose a couple with a beautiful pair of horses

  • Give a reward to the horsemen and to the best horse was in five

  • The best horses will respect the area of ​​the Naadam and go around 3 times the arena

  • The final wrestling

  • Prizes will be awarded to the mightiest wrestlers



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