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Explore the Wonders of best Mongolia tours with Enza Tours

About Enza's Mongolia tours

If you are looking for a fantastic adventure, Mongolia is a destination that should be on your bucket list. With its breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and fascinating history, Mongolia is a land of endless possibilities. But planning a trip to Mongolia can be overwhelming, especially if you are not familiar with the country. That's where Enza Tours comes in.

Where do I begin the best Mongolia tour with highly recommend Enza Tours?

Everything was perfect and well planned to discover the place of Genghis Khan. I started communicating with Enza somewhere around Feb or March for our trip to Mongolia in May. She helped me in everything, right from planning a perfect circuit, keeping in mind our daughter and our preferences. Such swift and professional communication.

Sunset in Mongolia
First day: Amazing view of Mongolia

Enza Tours designed a wonderful circuit for 10 days, giving us their best staff to take care of us. No matter how much I say, my words can’t express how great Dunia (our driver) and Haliunaa (our guide) were. They made our stay and our trip most memorable.

Haliunaa was very knowledgeable, friendly, fun, energetic, efficient and most importantly a great cook. My 8-year-old grew very fond of her and Dunia. She knew about her country like a pro, ask her anything she has answered precisely.

Visiting Reindeer family

Incredible. She made us feel comfortable in all possible ways. She is so thoughtful and knows how to make her guest love her country and nomadic life.

She gave us a history book to read while our stay in Mongolia. Likewise, that we learnt so much all the while relating to what we would visit and see next.

For example, Terelj national park and Gobi's flaming cliffs are interest places to visit later. That is a classic move! (We even bought those books later in a book store ☺️)

Always there for us, sometimes making a fire in the early morning or odd nighttimes at ger camp. Hence, 10 days and we felt like a family with them.

Almost heavy heart to say goodbye at the airport when she comes to see us off at 3 am with Dunia. This departure wasn’t that wonderful of her!