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Destinations Around Northern Mongolia

Updated: Jun 17

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Discover the Enchanting Charm of Northern Mongolia

Welcome to Northern Mongolia, a breathtaking region nestled in the heart of the vast Mongolian landscape. Prepare to embark on a remarkable adventure as you explore this pristine and awe-inspiring destination. From majestic mountains to sparkling lakes, and from nomadic herding communities to rich cultural heritage, Northern Mongolia offers a captivating experience like no other.

Natural Wonders of Northern Mongolia

Northern Mongolia boasts a diverse range of natural wonders that will leave you spellbound. The region is home to the majestic Khuvsgul Lake, often referred to as the "Blue Pearl of Mongolia." Its crystal-clear waters and surrounding picturesque mountains create a truly mesmerizing setting. Nature lovers will also be captivated by the stunning beauty of the Khangai Mountains, offering panoramic vistas and an opportunity for thrilling outdoor adventures.

Nomadic Heritage and Cultural Richness

Gateway to Untamed Wilderness

Outdoor Activities and Adventure

Plan Your Journey to Northern Mongolia

Fallen tree next to Khuvsgul Lake
Northern Mongolia - Khuvsgul Lake

The Northern part of Mongolia is mountainous. The mountains are covered with the forest on the north side and bared in the southern side with broad valleys dotted with nomads’ white gers and their countless animals. There are many scenic places, cultural and historical remains. Mongolian second biggest, the deepest and the earth's freshest water Lake Khuvsgul located in northern Mongolia. Also, northern Mongolia is southern edge of the Siberian Taiga. The reindeer people or Dukha Tribe inhabit in the depths of the Taiga and are about 400 people of 80 families. They live in tepee covered with canvas or animal skins. Their extensive knowledge of nature allows them to live in harmony with nature and use herbs and plants for food and medicinal purposes. They are even more dependent on nature than the Nomads elsewhere in Mongolia. The most famous shamans are among them. There is a documentary about an American family with an ill boy. They heard about the magic and healing powers of the Shamans and traveled to Mongolia to meet them. After the boy met with the shaman and shaman's practices, his parents felt the boy's condition had improved much. Since the production of the movie, many Americans have been inspired to travel to Mongolia to meet with Shamans. And if you’re interested in visiting the reindeer people, please check our Horse Riding in the Wild North Tour Below, you will find some information about the most attractive places of northern Mongolia.

Extinct Volcano Khorgo
Northern Mongolia - Khorgo volcano

​​Khorgo, Terhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park

Khorgo is the last volcano to become extinct in Mongolia. It became extinct 6000-8000 years ago. Khorgo is surrounded by an eight-kilometer stretch of basalt landscape, littered with caves, ravines, and canyons from which the area got its name. Khorgo means “shelter.” Khorgo is not only the extinct volcano; there are over 10 of them. Even though, Khorgo is the biggest and the most accessible one. Khorgo volcano has an average height of 2210m, is 200m in width and 70-80m in depth. The Northern part of the cradle is covered with coniferous trees. The lava torrent from the volcanoes blocked the North and South Terkh Rivers, leading to the formation of Terhiin Tsagaan Lake. Freshwater Terhiin Tsagaan Lake lies at 2060m altitude. The lake is a magnet for water birds. Over ten rivers feed into the lake and only a rapid current river Suman drains out from the lake flowing between deep lava canyons. The 50 km2 area of Khorgo Terhiin Tsagaan is protected to safeguard its endangered flora, fauna and spectacular mountain scenery. Furthermore, the area is rich in precious and half-precious stones. This area lends itself to bird watching, enjoy nature, fishing, boating, horse riding, visiting nomad families, hiking, mountain climbing, swimming and yak cart tour.

Aerial view of Khuvgsul lake
Northern Mongolia - Khuvsgul Lake

​​Lake Khuvsgul National Park

Lake Khuvsgul is located in the northernmost Khuvsgul province, from which it takes its name. Khubsgul sticks out into Siberia and away from the central plains of central Mongolia. In 1992, a vast area of around 70,000 km2 was designated a National Park by the Mongolian Ministry of Nature and the Environment. At its heart, is Lake Khuvsgul. The habitats surrounding the lake are varied and home to an array of wildlife: for instance, the wet meadows and lagoons are important for water birds. KMongolian the second largest and deepest lake contains 1% of the world’s fresh water, laying at an altitude of 1654m surrounded by taiga forest and crags, created by volcanic activity. The reindeer people live in in the depths of the taiga forest on the west and northwest sides of the lake and visiting the reindeer people takes 7-9 days travel driving overland and on horseback.

Touristic Destination in Northern Mongolia

Discover the awe-inspiring beauty of Northern Mongolia, where nature's wonders unfold in a breathtaking display. From vast steppes to majestic mountains and pristine lakes, this region is a treasure trove for adventurers seeking an unforgettable experience. In this article, we'll unveil some of the most captivating places in Northern Mongolia, ensuring your journey is both remarkable and memorable.

1. Khuvsgul Lake: Nestled amidst the dramatic landscapes of the Khuvsgul National Park, Khuvsgul Lake is a sparkling gem of Northern Mongolia. With its crystal-clear waters and picturesque surroundings, this pristine lake is often referred to as the "Blue Pearl of Mongolia." Visitors can indulge in a range of activities, including boating, fishing, horseback riding, and immersing themselves in the tranquil beauty of the area.

2. Amarbayasgalant Monastery: Perched in the remote Selenge province, Amarbayasgalant Monastery is a magnificent architectural marvel and one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia. Its grandeur and serenity make it a spiritual haven for locals and a captivating attraction for visitors. Marvel at the intricate details of the monastery's design and soak in the peaceful ambiance that surrounds it.

3. Terelj National Park: For those seeking an outdoor adventure, Terelj National Park is an absolute must-visit. Just a short drive from Ulaanbaatar, this picturesque park boasts breathtaking rock formations, lush valleys, and a myriad of hiking trails. Witness the iconic Turtle Rock and explore the ancient Buddhist meditation center, Aryabal Temple. Camping, horseback riding, and experiencing the nomadic lifestyle in traditional ger camps are popular activities in this scenic wonderland.

4. Uran Togoo-Tulga Uul: Located in the Bulgan province, Uran Togoo-Tulga Uul is an extinct volcano that offers a unique hiking experience for nature enthusiasts. Ascend to the volcano's crater and witness the panoramic views of the surrounding plains. The diverse flora and fauna in the area add to its allure, making it a paradise for birdwatchers and botany enthusiasts.

5. Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park: Immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park, home to the stunning Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake and the volcanic Khorgo Mountain. Explore the dramatic landscapes, hike up the volcanic crater, and witness the contrasting beauty of lush meadows and volcanic formations. The park also offers opportunities for camping, fishing, and discovering the unique nomadic culture of the Tsaatan people.

Northern Mongolia is a land of enchantment, boasting breathtaking landscapes and hidden gems waiting to be explored. Whether you seek tranquility, adventure, or a spiritual journey, this region offers an abundance of unforgettable experiences. Plan your visit to Northern Mongolia and delve into its natural wonders, immersing yourself in a world untouched by time.

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