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A Magical Mongolian Journey with Enza Tours

Leslie W
Leslie W

Our family of four just returned from a life-changing trip to Mongolia, organized by the exceptional Enza's company. From start to finish, every detail was meticulously planned, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable adventure. Here's a detailed account of our amazing Mongolian journey. Read the original here.

Leslie Family in Mongolian Journey with Guide Tumen

Google review about Enza Tours LLC

My little family of four just came back from a life changing trip to Mongolia with Enza’s terrific company. Everything was superb. From our seamless airport pickup, to our last hugs at the departure gates. We could not have imagined it going any better. Attractions - We booked a 6 day, 5 nights private trip that included The Chinggis Khaan Statue and Terelji national park (Day 1), camel riding at the edge of the Gobi desert (Day 2), breakfast with a nomadic family (they had baby goats!), horseback riding on the afternoon at Ulaan Tsutgalal waterfalls in the spectacularly beautiful Orkon Valley (Day 3), the Buddhist shrine in the old Mongolian Capital city of Kharatorum and Eagle Holding ( Day 4), saw wild Mongolian (Przewalski) horses and Mongolian Mastiff dogs in the lovely Hustai national park (Day 5) and a had a brief stay in Ulaam baatar (Day 6). The kids and I’s favorite by far was the horses and waterfall in Orkon Valley. But please do make note of my “driving” comment below as it was the furthest flung site we visited. Accommodations - We stayed the first night in a luxury tourist yurt, the second two nights in a normal tourist yurt the fourth night back in a luxury yurt. The last night was in a four star hotel in UB, which was super spacious. The colder it is when you come to Mongolia, the more I’d recommend the luxury tourist yurt. They are equipped with either radiant floors or electric space heaters and en-suite bathrooms. Food - The food was quite amazing all four nights. We loved that everything was served warm and nothing was spicy. Which was unique for us coming from Korea! The only food that was a bit lackluster was the food in UB at the hotel. It just couldn’t compare to all of the home cooking we experienced at all the sites in the countryside. Driving - One really, REALLY important thing to understand as you plan your trip to Mongolia, is that the attractions are really, really far away from each other. We drove for at least three hours for three of the days and at least 5-6 hours for two of the days. This allows for some beautiful drive time across the county, but it was a lot more arduous than we were expecting. Especially in the super bumpy off roading terrain. Driver (Auggie) - All the bumpyness aside… the driver himself was very lovely! So happy and smiley. He was delightful as he was talented. When you are booking, I’d recommend trying to get the best car available due to the conditions of the roads… you’ll need it! Tour guide (Tumen) - In addition to our tour guide, we had an INCREDIBLE tour guide with us. Charming as he was knowledgeable, Tumon made our trip particularly memorable and particularly stress free. It’s normally hard to listen to the same person for so many days in a row… but Tumon is so well practiced… that it feels effortless. Truly one of Enza’s best assets. Enza’s (the tour company owner) - Was great with pre-trip planning… and available at all times. You can tell she loves what she does and is a very honest person. She always goes above and beyond to make sure that you are happy. We were impressed with her professionalism and kind spirit. Don’t hesitate to book either her! We hope our review has been helpful and that you enjoy your time in Mongolia. It is truly a magical place.

Unforgettable Attractions of Mongolian Journey

We embarked on a 6-day, 5-night private tour filled with diverse and captivating experiences:

Day 1: We kicked off our adventure with a visit to the iconic Chinggis Khaan Statue followed by exploring the serene Terelj National Park.

Day 2: Thrill awaited us as we rode camels at the edge of the vast Gobi Desert.

Day 3: A memorable morning with a nomadic family who welcomed us with breakfast and baby goats, followed by an exhilarating horseback ride to the breathtaking Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfalls in the picturesque Orkhon Valley.

Day 4: We explored the ancient Buddhist shrine in the historic Mongolian capital city of Kharkhorin and experienced the awe-inspiring Eagle Holding.

Day 5: We encountered the majestic wild Mongolian (Przewalski) horses and the impressive Mongolian Mastiff dogs in the beautiful Hustai National Park.

Day 6: Our adventure concluded with a brief yet enriching stay in Ulaanbaatar.

The highlight for our kids and myself was definitely the horseback riding and the stunning waterfall in Orkhon Valley, despite it being the furthest destination we visited.

Comfortable Accommodations of Mongolian Journey

Our accommodations were diverse, providing comfort and a taste of Mongolian hospitality:

  • The first night in a luxurious tourist yurt.

  • The second and third nights in a standard tourist yurt.

  • The fourth night back in a luxury yurt.

  • The final night in a spacious four-star hotel in Ulaanbaatar (UB).

If you're traveling during the colder months, I highly recommend opting for the luxury tourist yurt, which features either radiant floor heating or electric space heaters and en-suite bathrooms, ensuring a cozy stay.

Delectable Cuisine of Mongolian Journey

The food was a delightful aspect of our journey. We enjoyed warm, flavorful meals every night, with a unique non-spicy twist that was a refreshing change for us coming from Korea. The only slight disappointment was the food at the hotel in UB, which didn't quite match the home-cooked excellence we experienced in the countryside.

The Long Drives of Mongolian Journey

A key point to consider when planning a trip to Mongolia is the significant distances between attractions. We had days with drives lasting at least three hours, and on two days, the drives extended to 5-6 hours. While the scenic drives showcased Mongolia's stunning landscapes, the off-road terrains were quite challenging and bumpy in Mongolian Journey.

Our Delightful Driver (Auggie)

Despite the rough roads, our driver, Auggie, was a joy. His cheerful and friendly demeanour made the long drives enjoyable. His driving skills were commendable, and I recommend requesting the best vehicle available due to the road conditions.

Our Exceptional Tour Guide (Tumen)

Tumen, our tour guide, was exceptional. His charm and extensive knowledge made every moment of our trip fascinating and stress-free. Tumen's ability to engage us continuously was impressive, making him a standout asset of Enza's team.

Enza: The Heart of the Company

Enza herself was instrumental in making our Mongolian Journey perfect. Her meticulous pre-trip planning and round-the-clock availability demonstrated her dedication. Her passion for her work and genuine concern for our satisfaction shone through, adding a personal touch to our experience.

Final Thoughts of Mongolian Journey

Don't hesitate to book with Enza's company. Our magical journey through Mongolia was an experience of a lifetime, and we hope our review helps you plan your own adventure. Mongolia is truly a magical place, filled with rich culture, stunning landscapes, and unforgettable experiences.

Our Grand Journey Mongolia


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