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Travel diary: One week central Mongolia travel

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Tour preparation:

First of all, we ordered all the camps. The next we bought our foods. We planned to cook Mongolian and European food.

  • Tour guide: Boloroo and Nomio

  • Photo and video by Nomio

  • Tour driver: Dunia

  • The number of tourists: 4

Tour information:

We travelled around Central Mongolia for six nigh, seven days. During the tour, we visited four provinces of Central Mongolia that includes Tov, Bulgan, Arkhangai and Ovorkhangai.

Day 1: Terelj national park in Central Mongolia

Six days central Mongolia tour began from Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia. We met each other in the morning at our Enza Tours LLC’s office. Our first destination was Chinggis Khan Statue and Giant statue of Great Mongolian king Chinggis with the horse.

Chinggis Khaan
Tsonjin boldog

Moreover, there are Mongolian ancient historical big Mongolian traditional boots, big horsewhip in the sculpture. We were standing on a giant horse’s head while we were taking some selfies.

Then we went to our next destination that Terelj national park. Mongolian Terelj national park has incredible nature. The environment of the park was beautiful.

In there, we saw and climbed a big turtle stone. The next we went to our first camp and ate lunch. After lunch, we visited Aryabal monastery. Our camp located near Aryabal monastery, so we walked to the monastery.

The Aryabal monastery is one of the Mongolian ancient Buddhist monasteries. There we walked on the paradise bridge and visited the monastery. There are many kinds of Buddhist god draws in the monastery and side of flat rock of the Mountain.

After that, we came back to our camp and rest. After dinner, we play one kind of Mongolian card. It was funny.

In the end, we sang our national songs to each other. The weather was very lovely, sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy. We slept in the modern Mongolian yurt.

Day 2: Sand dunes – Elsen Tasarkhai in Central Mongolia

Second day at 08:00 am we had Mongolian breakfast. Then we drive to the Sand Dunes and Khogno khan mountain.

Nomadic yurt
Nomadic yurt

The dunes located the south side of the Khugnu khan mountain. We went Mongolian continuously valley to our destination on paved road. After lunch, we rode a camel for 1 hour.

The second day we met real Mongolian nomadic life, and we stayed overnight with a nomadic family. They live top of the mountain where you can see dunes and Khogno Khaan mountain. Moreover, they have five kinds of a domestic animal which are camel, horse, sheep, goat and cows. When we arrived at the nomadic family, housewife welcomed us.

First, she gave Mongolian milk tea to us. Then grandfather gave snuff tobacco to us. It is one kind of Mongolian tradition that welcomed the visit. If your first-time smell stuff tobacco, you will sneeze.

Moreover, we ate some types of Mongolian dairy food, e.g., are “Aaruul”, Mongolian cheese-“Byaslag”, milk cream – “Urum”. Before we sleep, we saw how to settle sheep, goat and cows. They lived top of the mountain.

At the end of the second day, we saw the sunset, and it was romantic. Before sleep, we played anklebone of sheep that is from some thousand years ago, and we still play this traditional Mongolian game.

real nomadic yurt
real nomadic yurt

Anklebone can perform a variety of games. We played horse racing and knucklebone shooting. Mongolian yurt is very comfortable and warm.

Bor grandpa and Yandag Grandma's family
Bor grandpa and Yandag Grandma's family

Day 3: Ulaantsutgalan waterfall

In the morning, we woke up at 5 am because of how to milk a cow, and we watched the sunrise. After breakfast, we watch how to collect and milking a horse. Mongolian said it is so lucky that watch collect and milking a horse. Mongolian choose a perfect lunar day to milk a horse.

Orkhon Water fall
Orkhon Water fall

The process is so hard and exciting that collect and milking a horse. It needs a whole day. We had to go, so we just watched the entire process. Then we visited the dunes.

Also, we climbed sandhills. On top of the sandhill, nature was so attractive than any other places in central Mongolia.

cool picture from dune
cool picture from dune

After that, we moved our next destination Ulaantsutgalan waterfall.

We ate our lunch beside the river — the “Ulaantsutgalan” waterfall located Mongolian protected area Orkhon valley. There are many beautiful objects and animals in that area. Moreover, we reached the next camp. You can shower that camp.