Mongolian tour guide

Things, you should know before you travel in Mongolia

Mongolian tour guide

Who will be your Mongolian tour guide?

Our company provide the English speaking Mongolian guide to our customers, and he or she will accompany the tour group at all times. The tour guide will be a native Mongolian and who has local and historical knowledge. Additionally, the tour guide can deal with some urgent requests and consider that your holiday to become one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

When is the best time to travel in Mongolia?

Mongolia is a unique place to visit anytime. The reason is that Mongolia has four seasons, and every season has its unique scenery. However, if the winter is the problem for you, end of April to October is the best time to travel in Mongolia. However, July is the hottest season to visit in Mongolia because of the National Naadam Festival. If you are not sure please contact us to get full information.

What will be your accommodation in Mongolia?

We will plan your accommodation before you come and give the information. In Ulaanbaatar city, you will stay overnight standard 3-4 star hotel in the city centre. Once you start your tour, we will stay overnight in the traditional Mongolia ger (yurt) with nomadic family or visit overnight standard tourist camp with fully equipped as well as electricity (220V), hot shower, and another universal service. You will stay together with 2 to 4 other tourist per yurt or house.

What will be your meals during the Mongolian tour?

Before you came to Mongolia, we will find out your requirements and the allergy from the food. Then our staff will offer you the best places in Ulaanbaatar. In the city, you can have both Asian and European dishes in well-known restaurants. In Mongolia, you will have mostly beef, mutton, rice and the noodle food from traditional Mongolian cuisine. Additionally, during the tour, our guide can also cook for you as well as conventional Mongolian food and other international food. We can also arrange Halal meat food, especially.

What will be your transportation for Mongolian tour?

We mostly offer you Russian, Korean, Japanese four-wheel-drive vehicles to our tours. However, you can modify your tour transportation as well as the highest and the most recent model of SUV. We will consider your maximum comfort on your tours. Our daily driving in nature will be approximately 150-300km.

​What are the personal things that you should bring?

Mongolia is the place of sun and wind, and for this reason, you should bring warm, light clothes that are a waterproof jacket, scarf and hat. Additionally, you will need sun protection cream, first aid kit, standard tablets for headache and frequent illness. However, we can also find you the clothes and other stuff that you will need in Mongolia.

How can I travel cheap travel in Mongolia?

The best way to travel cheap in Mongolia is to join other people. However, you can create a tour and put information on our website and other social media. Then we will help you to find other people on your own designed journey. Moreover, the benefits are you choose your time, duration, accommodation and transportation. This tour would be precisely what you want, and other people will enjoy.

Our price is not so high as well as other Mongolian tour operators and foreign companies. However, we always to maximise the quality of our tours and satisfaction.

How you plan your tour in Mongolia?

The most important thing is we should know about your wish and your information, e.g. allergy, food requirements, and other data. After that, we will recommend some tours, and you can choose the most interested one, and you can modify them. Then we will revise one more time. In the end, we will send you the confirmation letter to you.

How can you pay your deposit and tour price?

When we agree on the Mongolia tour, we will send you the confirmation letter including detailed information of your trip, accommodation and instruction of transfer the money.

For the booking of tours is only 10% of the total amount because we need to prepare your Mongolian trip, e.g. hotel, accommodation, transportation and foods etc.

You can pay your deposit via PayPal and direct Bank transfer to our Mongolian Bank account.

What are our Mongolian tours?

Additional information

If you want to make a Mongolia tour, we are the Mongolian travel agency, can create your unique trip in Mongolia. We also have other Mongolia tours, and while you travel, you can try the Khuvgul with other destination, local nomadic family. We can help you create a trip for you.

Just write an email to us, we will plan your tour with you and let’s create your happiness together.

We offer you the below tours:

  • Khuvsgul lake tour (including Tsaatan community)

  • Discover the vast Gobi desert and dunes

  • Horseback riding trail

  • Visit the Terelj national park

  • Discover the Khuvsgul lake

  • Discover the Mongolian culture

  • Horse or camel tour

  • We also work with a local travel agency such as eagle hunting show

We are Enza Tours LLC, the official tour operator

Our customers will discover the nomadic Mongolian people, the high Gobi desert, reindeer community, ancient Mongolian capital, Mongolian customs and traditional Mongolian food. In addition to that beautiful nature will amaze the customers.

Tour included:

  • Horse riding trail

  • Camel riding trail

  • English speaking Mongolian guide

  • Russian van, Jeep or Japanese van with driver

  • Traditional Mongolian breakfast or standard breakfast

  • Traditional Mongolian breakfast or standard lunch

  • Traditional Mongolian breakfast or standard dinner

  • Museum tax fee

  • Accommodation: Local family yurt or tourist camp

Our Mongolia Tour Guide:

Our experienced staffs are working in the inbound tourism field for recent years continuously. Guides are all professional people who speak fluently English, German, Spanish. Our guides have a broad knowledge of the customs, history and culture of Mongolia. Some of our guides had been living in Europe and Asia countries. For this reason, you can communicate with them easy and open.

Our Local drivers:

We are Enza Tours LLC! We already consider that your safety and enjoyment are the most critical considerations on our trip as well as standard. We offer comfortable and reliable Russian van, safe Japanese jeeps and Korean cars and buses. Our professional drivers have from ten to over twenty years of experience.

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