Mongolian tour guide
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Things, you should know before you travel in Mongolia - Mongolian tour operator

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Mongolian tour guide
Mongolian tour guide

Who will be your tour guide from the Mongolian tour operator?

Our Mongolian tour operator provides an English-speaking Mongolian guide to our customers, who will always accompany the tour group. The tour guide will be a native Mongolian who has local and historical knowledge. Additionally, the tour guide can deal with some urgent requests and consider your holiday to become one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

Mongolia Tour Operator recommend you travel to Mongolia between April to October

Mongolia is a unique place to visit anytime. The reason is that Mongolia has four seasons, and every season has its unique scenery. However, if the winter is the problem for you, end of April to October is the best time to travel in Mongolia. However, July is the hottest season to visit in Mongolia because of the National Naadam Festival. If you are not sure please contact us to get full information.