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Public Holidays in Mongolia

If you want to travel to Mongolia, you should know about public holidays in Mongolia. Public holidays are a good chance to know Mongolian customs, the tradition of Mongolia, Mongolian special foods and events such as Naadam festival.

Public holidays in the World

All countries have a national public holiday or legal holiday. There are two types of public holiday. The public holiday is a global day of celebrations and special day celebrations in the country.

Every country has a special national public holiday. Every year the government declares public holidays in that year. In public holidays, people rest and celebrate that celebration. The public holiday is a historical day or national celebration. Every public holiday has an exclusive mean in the country.

In the world, Cambodia leads the rank for the most public holidays with 28 days observed annually. The world rank:

  1. Cambodia 28 days

  2. Sri Lanka 25 days

  3. India and Kazakhstan 21days

  4. Colombia, Philippines and Trinidad, Tobago 18 days

  5. China and Hong Kong 17 days

  6. Thailand, Turkey, and Pakistan 16 days

Mongolian holidays

In Mongolia has specifically law about public holidays. According to Public holidays law, there are 14 public holidays every year in Mongolia.

1. New year (January 1)

On the first of January, this is the first day of the new year. All the people spend the whole day with their family at home.

2. Lunar New Year (February)

Most of the Asian counties celebrate Lunar new year. This is the new year by the lunisolar calendar. This celebration becomes in the first, second, and third days of spring first mount. The lunar new year usually occasions in February. During three days people celebrate Lunar New Year.

The lunar new year is one of the big traditional Mongolian celebrations. Mongolians call Tsagaan Sar. It means the white moon. During the Tsagaan Sar, people visit all their relatives home.

3. International women’s day (March 8)

This is a global celebration to protect women's rights. In 1911, The first International women’s day occurred and supported by over a million people in Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland.

International women's day

In Mongolia, that day is a public holiday. During IWD, people celebrate and organise activities that relate to women's rights. Sometimes people do demonstrations that day.

4. Children’s day (June 1)

We celebrate International children’s day on the first of June every year. During the day, parents spend the whole day with their children.

Children's day

Moreover, there are so many activities organised in Mongolia. We try to make happy every single child.

5. Naadam Festival (July 11 to 15)

The Naadam Festival is a Mongolian traditional national celebration. Moreover, the Naadam festival is a public holiday.

During the Naadam festival, Mongolians celebrate and rest for five days. In Naadam’s public holiday, most of the local people go to the countryside. This is one of the great holidays in the summertime.

6. Chinggis Khaan’s birthday

Chinggis khan is a great king of the Mongol Empire. We can't imagine Mongolia without Chinggis Khan. He founded the great Mongol Empire in the 13th century. Thus, Mongolians celebrate his birthday every year. Moreover, this is a public holiday.

Chinggis Khaan

However, his birthday occurs another day every year because we count his birthday by the lunisolar calendar. About Chinggis Khaan’s birthday, researchers divide two parts cause of source. Some researchers consider Chinggis Khaan born on the 16th day of the first mount of summer by the lunisolar calendar. However, most researchers believe Chinggis Khaan born in 1st day of the first month of winter. Because it based on “Arvan buyant nomiin tsagaan tuuh”. Khubilai khaan, who was one of the Mongolian king and Chinggis khaan’s grandson, wrote that source. That is the main reason why most researchers support.

So Mongolians celebrate Chinggis Khan’s birthday in 1st day of the first mount of winter by the lunisolar calendar. This day is one of the proud days for Mongolians. On that day, the Mongolian government organises activities in Chinggis Khan’s square to Chinggis Khan’s statue.

7. Republic day (November 26)

After the Mongolian Revolution of 1921, we established our First Constitution Law on the 26th of November 1924.

General Sukhbaatar and Bogd King

The constitution law is one of the critical proof of the country’s independence. Moreover, we officially declared our Republic. So that day is a significant and proud day for Mongolians.

8. Independence day (December 29)

As a result of The National freedom Revolution of 1911, we finally declared our independence from Manchu. It began in 1755. We exalted VIII Bogd Jibzundamba whom Mongolian political and religion mixed king with endless authority.

Independence day Mongolia

Moreover, we established our government with five ministries on the 29th of December 1911. That day is a precious day for Mongolians. Thus, we celebrate Independence day to remember and realise our Independence value.

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