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New review: Best tours in Mongolia

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

People riding a camel across the vast and sandy landscape of the great Gobi Desert
Embarking on an epic desert adventure! 🐫 Exploring the mystical beauty of the great Gobi Desert, one sandy step at a time.

Engaged the service of Enza Travel for our 11 days holiday in Mongolia. Am very happy and satisfied with the agency for going out of the way to accomodate our request and doing the small little bits that made the long ride through the desert and grassland enjoyable.

Amy our guide was very helpful and despite the sometime nonsenentical things we throw at her, she was calm and relaxed and took it all in her stride. She even remember our wedding anniversary which someone mentioned at the start of the treat and gave us a bottle of wine, a box of choclate and 2 beautiful prayer scarf. The 2 drivers with us were amazing. Its amazing how they know the route through the same flat monotonous desert. They also double up as tour guide and bird guide pointing out the many birds and interesting things along the way when they found out we were nature lovers. They are also good with their hands and able to troublesome and fix the problem when one of the bus developed some problems.

They also helped with the luggage, meals and its simply amazing what they have in the vehicle. Highly recommend to use Enza if you are travelling to Mongolia.

A review on Trip Advisor: Best tours in Mongolia
A review on Trip Advisor: Best tours in Mongolia

It is nice to introduce our best tours in Mongolia by Enza Tours LLC. When it comes to the best tours in Mongolia, you are spoiled for choice. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, history buff, or cultural explorer, there's a tour that caters to your interests and preferences. Here are some of the top-rated and most popular tours that offer unique experiences in Mongolia:

Immerse yourself in the authentic nomadic lifestyle of Mongolia. This tour takes you to stay with local nomadic families, where you can learn about their traditions, share meals, and participate in daily activities like milking yaks and riding horses. Experience the simplicity and harmony of nomadic living amidst stunning landscapes.

Explore the captivating Gobi Desert on a thrilling tour that takes you to vast sand dunes, ancient dinosaur fossils, and the iconic Flaming Cliffs. Witness the stunning beauty of the desert's diverse landscapes, and camp under the starry night sky for an unforgettable experience.

For equestrian enthusiasts, a horse trekking tour in the Khangai Mountains is a dream come true. Ride through picturesque valleys, lush forests, and pristine rivers, and get a glimpse of the untouched beauty of Mongolia's wilderness.

Experience the exhilarating Naadam Festival, Mongolia's traditional celebration of wrestling, archery, and horse racing. This tour allows you to witness the vibrant festivities, immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, and celebrate alongside the locals.

Visit the "Blue Pearl" of Mongolia, Khuvsgul Lake, which is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. The tour offers boating excursions on the lake, hiking opportunities in the surrounding mountains, and a chance to interact with the Tsaatan reindeer herders.

Embark on a journey to the westernmost regions of Mongolia and witness the awe-inspiring eagle hunting tradition. Learn about the ancient art of eagle hunting and spend time with Kazakh nomads to understand their unique culture.

7. Cultural Capitals Tour

Explore the historical and cultural highlights of Mongolia by visiting its capitals, Ulaanbaatar, and Karakorum. Discover ancient monasteries, temples, and museums, and delve into the country's rich history.

8. Biking Adventure in Terelj National Park

For adventure seekers, a biking tour in Terelj National Park offers a perfect mix of adrenaline and nature. Cycle through stunning landscapes, enjoy panoramic views, and camp in the wilderness.

9. Hot Springs Retreat

Unwind and rejuvenate in the natural hot springs of Tsenkher or Orkhon Valley. Indulge in soothing baths amidst picturesque surroundings, and let the therapeutic waters wash away your worries.

10. Mongolian Wildlife Safari

Discover Mongolia's diverse wildlife by embarking on a safari tour. Spot wild horses, gazelles, wolves, and other fascinating animals in their natural habitats as you explore the country's national parks.

Before choosing a tour, ensure that it aligns with your interests, travel preferences, and physical abilities. Please contact Enza to get full information and create your Mongolian Dream Tour.



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