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Interesting Facts of Mongolian History | Mongolia Tours of historical places

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Introduction of Mongolian history | Mongolia tours for history lovers!

This blog is produced for history lovers and travel-addicted people. Mongolia is a landlocked Asian country bordering China and Russia and is known for its vast, rugged expanse and nomadic culture. Down below, we show exciting facts about Mongolian history and offer some unique places for Mongolia tours.

Mongolian empire
Kings of Mongolian empire and its size

Great Chingiss Khaan | "Tsonjin Boldog" is the first place of Chingiss Khaan's Mongolia tours

Tsonjin Boldog - Chinggis Khaan monument
Tsonjin Boldog - Chinggis Khaan monument

Chinggis Khaan, also known as Genghis Khan, was a Mongolian warrior and emperor who lived from 1162 to 1227. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful military commanders in history, having conquered a vast empire that spanned from China to Eastern Europe. Chinggis Khaan was born in Mongolia and grew up as a member of a nomadic tribe. He became a skilled warrior and leader, and through a series of successful military campaigns, he united the Mongol tribes and created a powerful army. Under Chinggis Khaan's leadership, the Mongols conquered large parts of Asia and Europe, including parts of China, Russia, and the Middle East. Chinggis Khaan's military tactics were innovative and effective, and he was known for his ability to inspire loyalty and devotion among his soldiers.

Chinggis Khaan died in 1227, but his empire continued to expand under the leadership of his successors. Today, he is remembered as a legendary figure in Mongolian history and is widely regarded as one of the greatest conquerors of all time.

Genghis Khan could neither read nor write, but he commissioned the creation of a writing system, the Uighur script, which is still mainly used in Inner Mongolia. These include the scripting systems based on them, such as Mongolian Cyrillic and Chinese, as well as a number of other languages. One of the most essential aspects of Mongolia's history and culture is the creation of this writing system. It includes the writings of Genghis Khan (the founder of Mongolia) as well as his sons and daughters and is also the basis for many of the world's languages today.

More about Mongolian Empire | Kharkhorin Mongolia tours

The Mongolian Empire, established by Genghis Khan, successfully united all the tribes of Mongolia and facilitated the emergence of the Mongolian nation and culture. The empire's unification was proclaimed by Genghis Khan in 1206, and it eventually expanded to include the Abbasid caliphate. Notably, the Mongolian Empire was the largest continuous empire in history, spanning from Japan's Sea to the Carpathians.

Despite this significant empire, the modern country of Mongolia only represents a portion of the Mongols' historical homeland. While more than half of the ethnic Mongols live in their ancestral homeland, which is currently Mongolia, only a small number live outside. Inner Mongolia, on the other hand, is a province of China, and its inhabitants are of Mongol ethnic origin.

The rugged and vast region on the border of China and Russia, known as Mongolia throughout history, is renowned for its nomadic culture. The Mongolian Republic, also known as the Mongolian Empire, covered approximately 33 million km2 and an estimated 100 million people during its peak.

Historically, the Mongols were a fragmented group of warring clans until Genghis Khan's unification in the late 12th century. The Mongols subsequently conquered and took over Baghdad in 1258 but eventually retreated to their original steppe homeland under the control of the Manchu dynasty, which separated Mongolia into Inner and Outer Mongolia in the late 17th century.

Genghis Khan's early life and childhood are chronicled in one of the oldest known works about his life, which was written shortly after his death. This work, based on the writings of his great-grandfather, a renowned Mongolian poet and philosopher, describes how he rose to power and created the greatest empire the world has ever seen. Additionally, the most famous epic poem in Mongolian history chronicles the life of Genghis Khan's great-grandfather and has become a vital source of information on Mongolia and its culture.

There are several places in Mongolia that are related to Chinggis Khan: You can do your Mongolia tours

  1. Terelj National Park: Located about 50 kilometers east of Ulaanbaatar, Terelj National Park is where Chinggis Khan is said to have hidden his family during times of conflict.

  2. Erdene Zuu Monastery: Located in Kharkhorin, Erdene Zuu Monastery was the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia and was built on the site of Chinggis Khan's former capital.

  3. Orkhon Valley: This valley is located in central Mongolia and is believed to be the site of the ancient capital of the Mongol Empire, Karakorum. Chinggis Khan's palace was said to have been located in this area.

  4. Delgerkhaan Mountain: This mountain is located in the northern Khentii Mountains and is believed to be the birthplace of Chinggis Khan.

  5. Onon-Balj National Park: Located in the northeastern part of Mongolia, Onon-Balj National Park is believed to be the place where Chinggis Khan was elected as the leader of the Mongol tribes.

These are just a few of the many places in Mongolia that are related to Chinggis Khan and his legacy. Many of these places are now popular tourist destinations, allowing visitors to learn more about Mongolia's history and culture.


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