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Mongolia travel diary: a week Gobi tour

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Nomadic family and of course dog

The Mongolian Gobi is very famous in the world. There are so many attractive places and expeditions in the Gobi. My name is Nomio and I live in Ulaanbaatar with my parents. It is exciting that I am writing this Mongolia Gobi travel diary.

I have never been in the Gobi desert in Mongolia. I had so some expectations about the Gobi tour likewise our tourist. Our General director Enza allows me to join the tour group to study about the tour. I am very happy that I joined nice travel team. Let’s met our tour team:

  • Tour guide: Ula

  • Tour driver: Uugii

  • Photo and video by Nomio

  • The number of tourists: One

The brief tour information:

During the one week, we traveled to the Mongolian Gobi desert area. Our tourist chose 7 days Gobi desert tour from Enza Tours LLC. And we stayed a nomadic family. On this tour, we visited the Mongolian south provinces. There are Central /Tov/, Middle Gobi /Dundgovi/, and Umnu Gobi provinces.

About travel food:

Our guide Ula and I cooked all our travel meals. We prepared all kinds of food from Ulaanbaatar city and other cities. After we asked from our customer, we planned to cook traditional Mongolian and European food. Our meal plan standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the camp.

If we didn’t reach our next destination at lunchtime, we prepared to cook on the way in the nature. So we had some of lunch in wild nature.

Day 1: Baga gazriin chuluu - Rock formation and natural wonder

In the morning, the tour began at 8 o’clock in front of the Enza Tours LLC office. The first of all we picked up our tourist from his hotel. He arrived last night of the tour in Ulan Bator.

We traveled with only one tourist. On the way out of the city, we shopped the supermarket.

During the tour, all meals included in the tour price, so we didn't need to buy any kinds of food. Thus, we just bought some snacks and private things in Orgil supermarket.

Then we departed to our first destination Baga gazriin chuluu. Baga gazriin chuluu located in the Middle Gobi province. It is 250 km from Ulan Bator. The first strange thing is Mongolian mountains without trees for tourist. In Mongolian south area, there are usually naked mountains.

Amazing view isn't it?

We had not reached our destination yet at lunchtime. So, we ate our lunch in Delgertsogt sum. Mongolian territory divides into provinces. And province divides into sum. That day we usually went on the paved road.

A great place to meditate

The Baga Gazriin Chuluu is a very interesting and attractive natural formation rock. It looks like someone built them. This is a picturesque granite mountain with an elevation of 1751 meters above sea level in the Granite zone of Mongolia territory.

In there, we went to old temple ruins, eye spring and cave. We climbed one cave that located the highest top of the mountain in Baga gazriin chuluu. The rocks were comfortable and easy to climb.

Next, we came to the nomadic family, or camp. We stayed in Mongolian Yurt. I really wondered what the nomadic family lives in 3 room yurt. There are 3 connected yurts with each other. Usually, there is just only one yurt. It was unique and more modern. We slept in Mongolian tradition accommodation ger or yurt.

Wonderful picture of kid and Arnaud

That nomadic family feeds cow, sheep, goat , and horse. So, you can see real local life.

In the evening, we ate Mongolian dish Tsuivan for the dinner. After dinner, we saw a sunset. Sunset looks very beautiful. It was a windy and warm day.

Amazing sunset and Mongolian knows next day will be hotter and brighter

Before sleep, we play one of the Mongolian traditional game anklebones. If it is a normal night that no rain, no clouds, you can see a very clear and shine night sky. We saw stars, star shooting , and satellites.

Starry night of Nomadic family. You should try this

Day 2: Tsagaan suvraga

After breakfast, we moved our next point Tsagaan suvraga, or White Stupa. On the way, we visited the center of Middle Gobi province. Then we reached our next accommodation in Tsagaan suvraga. It was a very windy day. When we reached our next accommodation, we ate our lunch.

White stupas of Nature

After a little rest, we went to White stupa. Actually, I imagine that there are many white stupas because of the name. However, there is no stupa. I really wondered. This is high expanses or plateaus land form with so fantastic color combinations. It looks so attractive.

The white stupa is one of Mongolian unique and magnificent nature. In ancient times that place was the sea. Nowadays it is a extinct sea bottom. The colors mean one period of world-historical time.

The color was created by wind and water. ‌ ‌Nature made by yourself for a long time. It is wonderful. We stayed some part-time on the White stupa.

When we came back to our accommodation, we prepared and ate our dinner. Then we lying down to sleep.

Day 3: Three beauty mountain - Icy river and cold wind in the Gobi desert

After breakfast we depart to our next point Three beauty mountains. We visited Dalanzadgad city. This is the center of South Gobi province. South Gobi is the largest province in Mongolia.

One of the famous things is dinosaurs artefacts in Mongolian Gobi. In Dalanzadgad city, there is a dinosaur park.

Arnaud loves nature

Then we came to Three beauty Mountain. This is the end of the Altai and Khinggan range. We visited Muhar shivert and Eagle valley. There is Three beauty mountains valley. That places very amazingly.

Because summertime there remains ice blocks and little waterfalls in the Gobi desert. It was amazing that the ice is still there during August.

We ate lunch at the Muhar shivert. There are interesting shaped rocks. The rocks look like tiger, leopard, camel, eagle and other animals.

The eagle valley is one of the attractive places in Mongolia. So many wild animals live there. We walked around the canyon bottom. If you like hiking, this is a very nice place.

Another way you can ride a horse. When we came back, we saw a wild goat and some rare birds.

Then we went to our other accommodation. That nomadic family located top of the valley. The sunrise looks very fantastic from there. At night it was a little bit cold.

Day 4: Khongor Sand Dune - Exciting Sunset and Wonderful view

In the morning we departed to the next point Khongor sand dune. That day we went to the countryside way. It was bumped way. But we had a professional driver.

Khongor dunes

Khongor Sand dune is one of the biggest sand dunes in Mongolia. It is 180 km length. When we came to the camp, we ate our lunch. It was a special lunch.

Because we tried to eat camel meat. It tastes like beef or mutton. And prepared one of the Mongolian traditional food buuz. Buuz is one kind of steamed dumpling. It was delicious. We went long off-road with a bump. So we decide to rest in our yurt.

After lunch, we climbed to the middle-high sand dune. On top of the sand, dune it was very attractive and beautiful nature. It was a little bit hard to climb. But after a climb, you can feel very nice feeling.

The Khongor river located next to the Khongor sand dune. There are wild rabbits and birds live next to the river. When we return, we slipped from the top of the sand. It was really cool. The climb was hard but return way is easy.

Before dinner, we came back to our camp. At night we play anklebones. This is a very nice game. Then we slept in a yurt. Yurt is a very comfortable and warm accommodation.

Day 5: Khongor Sand Dune - Camel riding trial

The second-day morning we rode a camel for one hour. We think one hour is enough for a camel riding trial. Mongolian camel is very special from other country's camel. Because two-humped camel only lives in Mongolia. Camel riding is very interesting. Camel was high and the view was amazing.

Camel riding trial

After lunch, we went to Seruun Bulag. This is a little spring in the Gobi. And we climbed another short dune. After that, we climbed to the highest dune in Khongor sand dune. We decide to eat our dinner at the top of the dune.

We brought our prepared dinner. It was a little bit hard to climb sand dune. When we return, we slipped on the sand. It is very nice and a lot of fun.

When we saw the sunrise, we ate our dinner at the highest top of the dune. This evening is one of the best moments of my life.

Day 6: Bayanzag

In the morning we went to Bayanzag. Bayanzag near to Khongor sand dune. On the way, we visited the Bulgan sum in South Gobi province.

Bayanzag the flaming cliffs

Before lunch, we reached our last nomadic family. It was so hot day. So we decide to rest. After day lunch rest we went to Bayanzag.

Bayanzag is one of the Gobi miracles. This area is a protected area. This place is famous for the paleontological discovery of dinosaurs remains from the palaeolithic era. Mongolian most precious artefacts found from there. And we went to see new dinosaurs Artifacts.

During our tour, every night we together saw stars, star shooting , and night beautiful sky. Especially last night sky was very clear and shining.

Day 7: Ulaanbaatar - Final day

Final day, sad day

After our last breakfast we came back to Ulaanbaatar from Bayanzag. There is almost 700km. We ate our lunch next to a little pond. It was a long way. But it didn’t seem like that. When you went in a car, you can see Mongolian wild beautiful nature.

That one week passed very quick. It seems like just one day. Arnaud is a very kind and friendly person. While this tour was a very unforgettable moment for me. So it was bye time. And we miss you our friend Arnaud.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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