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Destinations Around Southern Mongolia - Gobi Desert

Updated: Jun 17

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Exploring the Rich Cultural Heritage and Natural Beauty of Southern Mongolia

Southern Mongolia, also known as Inner Mongolia, is a captivating region that beckons travelers with its unique blend of ancient traditions, nomadic heritage, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Nestled in the northern part of China, this vast expanse of land offers a rich cultural tapestry and a plethora of natural wonders to explore. In this blog, we will embark on a virtual journey through Southern Mongolia, uncovering its captivating heritage and breathtaking scenery.

Cultural Heritage in the Gobi Desert:

Southern Mongolia is home to a diverse array of ethnic groups, primarily the Mongols, who have inhabited the region for centuries. Their nomadic lifestyle, marked by the raising of livestock and the use of portable dwellings known as yurts, reflects a deep connection with the land. Visitors to Southern Mongolia can immerse themselves in the traditions and customs of the Mongolian people, experiencing their warm hospitality and partaking in colorful festivals like Naadam, which showcases traditional sports such as wrestling, horse racing, and archery.

Historical Treasures:

The Gobi Desert:

Grasslands and Nomadic Life:

Culinary Delights:

Southern Mongolia is a treasure trove of cultural richness and natural wonders, offering a captivating blend of ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes. From immersing in the nomadic lifestyle and exploring historical landmarks to venturing into the vast Gobi Desert and indulging in mouthwatering Mongolian cuisine, this region has something

What is the Mongolian Gobi Desert?

The Mongolian Gobi Desert is a fascinating and unique location that covers a vast area of the Gobi Desert and desert steppe. Contrary to popular belief, only 3 percent of the Gobi is sandy desert, with the majority being a land of steppes, inhabited by many camel breeders and abundant wildlife and vegetation. The area is home to various species such as the two-humped Bactrian camel, wild Argali sheep, ibex, wild camel, khulan wild ass, white and black-tailed gazelle, snow leopard, and the endangered Gobi bear “mazaalai”. The Gobi is also known for its famous dinosaur fossil discoveries, including the world's first dinosaur egg nests, which can be seen at the Museum of Natural History in Ulaanbaatar.

There are numerous activities to enjoy in the Gobi, such as climbing the highest sand dunes, witnessing the stunning Gobi sunset, visiting a camel breeder's family, camel riding, trekking in the green oasis, exploring Dinosaur Lands' Flaming Cliffs where the first dinosaur egg nests were found, hiking in Bearded Eagle's Canyon, and much more.

Gobi sand dunes
Khongor sand dunes in the Gobi Desert

What is Khongor Sand Dunes in the Gobi Desert?

The Khongor Els Sand Dunes, extending 180 kilometers in length and 15-20 meters in width, are located in the northern region of the Sevree and Zuulen mountains, and are considered a part of the desert zone which covers about 3% of Mongolia's territory. These impressive sand dunes produce a unique natural music as they move with the wind, hence earning their name "Duut Mankhan" or Singing Dunes. The Khongor River provides a green oasis near the northern edge of the dunes. Activities in this area include visiting a camel breeder's family, riding on two-humped camels, climbing to the top of large sand dunes, trekking in the green oasis, capturing stunning photographs, and witnessing beautiful sunsets.


Bayan Zag - Flaming Cliffs
Bayan Zag - Flaming Cliffs

​​​What is Bayanzag ? – “Flaming Cliffs” in the Gobi Desert

Bayanzag, situated in the center of Bulgan Sum, Mongolia, is a globally recognized paleontological site. It has yielded numerous dinosaur remains from the Paleolithic Era, including complete dinosaur skeletons, eggs, and hatchlings of the Cretaceous Period. The area is known to have been inhabited by various dinosaur species such as Protoceratops, Oviraptor, and Pinacosaurus, which roamed the earth some 70-80 million years ago. In 1922, American explorer Roy Chapmen Andrews discovered the first dinosaur eggs in the world, with a diameter of 10 to 15 centimeters. Additionally, ancient human artifacts such as weapons and traces have been discovered here. Bayanzag also houses a small museum showcasing interesting dinosaur findings.

Yoliin Am - Bearded Vulture valley
Yoliin Am - Bearded Vulture valley

​What is Yoliin Am in the Gobi Desert? – “Bearded Eagle Canyon”

Yoliin Am is the narrow canyon of a river that flows through 2815 meters high Zuun Saikhan Mountain. The gorge has sheer rock walls with a height of about 200 meters in the central part. It has been protected since 1965 and has an area of 70 square kilometers. Today it is one of the Strictly Protected Areas of Mongolia. The rain that falls at the summit of the mountain flows down into the sheer canyon forming four waterfalls. There are several hundred meters distances between the waterfalls. Yoliin Am is famous for its high & narrow canyons, frozen summer stream and wildlife such as bearded eagles, wild Argali sheep, ibex, and Mongolian mice. The stream remains frozen even in July, the hottest month of the year. There is a small museum of the Gobi Three Beauties National Park at the entrance of Yoliin Am. ​

Khermen Tsav in the Gobi Desert
Khermen Tsav in the Gobi Desert

What is ​​​Khermen Tsav?

This is a beautiful sandy cliff canyon of over 250 square km, 10 km wide and 100-200 meters deep. Khermen Tsav is located in northern Gurvan Tes Sum a distance of 400 km from the town of Dalanzadgad. Scientists have defined it as an inland sea bed. Khermen Tsav is known not only for the beauty of its natural formations but also for its dinosaur fossil findings. The Khermen Tsav area has not yet been well studied.​

Dinosaurs foot print in the Gobi Desert
Dinosaurs foot print in the Gobi Desert

​​​Dinosaur Lands in Southern Mongolia

Mongolia is the world’s second most important country for the discovery of dinosaur species. The USA leads the way with 64 species and followed by Mongolia with 40 species. Nemegt: Ancient dinosaurs’ skeletons and eggs are found on the mountains of Nemegt. Tarbosaurus, one of the best known of flesh-eating dinosaurs and Saurolophus Angustirostris, one of the largest duck-billed dinosaurs lived at Nemegt in late Cretaceous times. Numerous other types of large dinosaurs have been discovered and continue to be discovered at Nemegt. Tugrugiin Shiree: It is a steep cliff around 30 meters high to the west of Bulgan Sum. Dinosaur bones appear on the walls and the rare remains of the petrified egg with the skeleton of a young dinosaur were found.

Baga gazariin chuluu mountain
Baga gazariin chuluu mountain

Baga Gazariin Chuluu Mountain

The beautiful Baga Gazariin Chuluu is a local protected area. It is a picturesque granite mountain with an elevation of 1751 meters above sea level in the Great Granite Zone of Mongolia. There are some interesting sites to visit: a temple ruin used by Buddhist monks, a hole with Holy Water for the eyes and a small cave.

Tsagaan Suvarga in Southern Mongolia

With its fantastic color combinations, Tsagaan Suvarga or “White Stupas” is one of Mongolia’s greatest natural beauties. It is interesting to see the scared cliffs of Tsagaan Suvarga, facing east from a distance it looks like the ruins of an ancient city or a complex of white stupas. Over thousands of years, the wind has carved this amazing natural beauty. The cliff is 60 meters high and 400 meters wide. Tsagaan Suvarga was an ancient sea bottom and its eroded cliffs are rich in fossil seashells.

Ongi monastery ruins in the Gobi Desert
Ongi monastery ruins in the Gobi Desert

What is ​​Ongi Monastery in the Gobi Desert?

The monastery was established in the 1760s by Bari Yonzon Khamba in a small mountainous area along the Ongi River. During its peak use, the monastery had over 1000 monks and a complex of around 30 temples. The Ongi Monastery is still active but now only a few monks perform its functions. The remains of two ruined monasteries, the Barlim Khiid on the north bank and the Khutagt Khiid on the south indicate the monastery complex was built in Balba or Tibetian style.

Bichigt Rock Drawings

Bichigt is a canyon with well-preserved rock engravings and drawings dating from the Bronze Age. The rock drawings depict the life of ancient people, daily activities, hunting, agricultural scenes, and wildlife in surprising ways. Seeing thousands of examples of ancient arts is an unforgettable experience.

Tsagaan Agui in the Gobi Desert
Tsagaan Agui in the Gobi Desert

What is ​​​Tsagaan Agui Cave?

“Tsagaan Agui or White Cave is located in gorgeous Ikh Bogd Mountain in Bayanlig Sum. The White Cave was home to ancient people and scientists have found traces of Stone Age people from 700,000 years ago. The cave’s 40 meters long inner wall is covered with crystals. 

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