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Experience the Mini Naadam Festival in Mongolia

Updated: Jun 8

In the fourth year of our operations, we are thrilled to announce the schedule for our Mini Naadam festivals. These events, designed specifically for tourists, will take place on the following dates from 14:00 to 16:30:

  • 6th September

  • 3rd, 14th, and 28th August

  • 4th, 19th, and 25th July

  • 6th, 16th, and 27th June

horse racing
Mongolian horse racing - mini naadam

A Glimpse into Mongolian Culture of Mini Naadam

As you step into the festival grounds, you’ll be welcomed by a vibrant environment that mirrors the rich lifestyle of Mongolia. Big tents, reminiscent of traditional Mongolian homes, dot the landscape. The crowd, dressed in colorful attire, adds to the festive atmosphere, their cheerful faces as varied and beautiful as a field of flowers.

Witness the might of our wrestlers as they compete in the arena, and marvel at the agility of race horses shuffling in line. The air is filled with the merry songs of children riding horses, the sharp twang of archery bows, and the melodious strains of traditional long songs and Mongolian dances. Adding to this sensory feast is the fascinating smell of airag, our fermented mare’s milk, a traditional Mongolian beverage.