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A Celebration of Strength, Skill, and Tradition: Exploring the Mongolian Naadam Festival

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

What is Mongolian NAADAM FESTIVAL?

The Mongolian Naadam Festival is an annual event celebrated in Mongolia, where the country celebrates its rich nomadic culture through a series of traditional sporting events.

When is Mongolian NAADAM FESTIVAL?

This festival is a celebration of Mongolia’s ancient nomadic heritage and is usually held in the beginning of July or August. The Naadam Festival features three main events, known as the "Three Manly Games of Mongolia".

Naadam festival include include wrestling, horse racing, and archery.

Each of these events has a long and rich history in the country and are seen as a way to honor the bravery of Mongolia’s ancestors.The wrestling tournament is the most popular event during the festival. It is an ancient sport that is believed to have been practiced since the Bronze Age. The wrestlers wear traditional costumes and compete in bouts of three rounds. The winner of the tournament is honored with the title of “Eagle of Mongolia” and is awarded a ceremonial belt made of silk.

The horse racing event is also an important part of the Naadam Festival. During the race, jockeys ride their horses across the vast Mongolian steppes. The races are divided into three categories: short, middle, and long distance races. The jockeys wear traditional costumes and use traditional Mongolian saddles. The winner of the race is rewarded with a silver cup and a scarf made of silk.The archery tournament is the third event of the Naadam Festival.

The archers compete in a series of rounds and the winner is awarded with a golden bow. The archers wear traditional clothing and must hit a target from a distance of about 100 meters.The Naadam Festival is a great way to experience the ancient culture of Mongolia. It is a time for the people of Mongolia to come together and celebrate their rich history, and it is also a great opportunity to participate in the traditional sporting events that have been passed down for generations.



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