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Mongolian Bow shooting

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Are you good at Mongolian bow shooting?

The traditional Mongolian arrow is a type of recurved composite bow used in history Mongolia. "Mongol bow" divided into two different types. Since the 17th century onward, most of the traditional bows in Mongolia were changed with the similar Manchu bow which is primarily distinguished and the presence of prominent string bridges.

While Chinggis Khan was conquering the neighbours, after his conquest of Sartaul (East Turkestan), [Chinggis's nephew] Esungge had shot a target about 335 alds (ancient Mongolian measure) (536m ~ 586.177 yd).

Frequently Asked Questions About Mongolian Archery

1. What is Mongolian archery?

  • Mongolian archery is a traditional sport and cultural practice in Mongolia, involving the use of a composite bow and arrows. It has a long history and is one of the "Three Manly Skills" celebrated during the Naadam Festival.

2. What is unique about Mongolian archery?

  • Mongolian archery uses a distinctive composite bow made from wood, horn, and sinew, which is known for its power and accuracy. The style of shooting involves drawing the bow to the ear, allowing for a longer draw and more powerful shot.

3. What types of bows are used in Mongolian archery?

  • The traditional Mongolian bow, a composite bow made from wood, horn, and sinew, is the primary type used. Modern versions may incorporate synthetic materials for added durability.

4. How is Mongolian archery practiced?

  • Archers shoot at cylindrical leather targets called "surs," which are placed on the ground at varying distances. Competitions often involve shooting from a standing position, with points awarded for accuracy and distance.

5. What is the Naadam Festival, and how is archery featured in it?

  • The Naadam Festival is Mongolia's largest and most important celebration, held annually in July. It features competitions in the "Three Manly Skills": wrestling, horse racing, and archery. Archery events draw many participants and spectators, showcasing traditional skills and attire.

6. Can visitors participate in Mongolian archery?

  • Yes, many tourist camps and cultural centers offer archery lessons and opportunities to practice. Professional instructors can guide beginners through the basics of shooting with a traditional Mongolian bow.

7. What should I wear for archery practice?

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows for a full range of motion. Traditional Mongolian archers often wear a deel, a type of long, belted tunic, but modern clothing is also suitable.

8. Is Mongolian archery safe for beginners?

  • Yes, with proper instruction and safety measures, Mongolian archery is safe for beginners. Always follow the guidance of your instructor and use the provided safety equipment.

9. Are there any special techniques unique to Mongolian archery?

  • Yes, one unique technique is the thumb draw, where the thumb is used to draw the string back to the ear, allowing for a powerful and accurate shot. This method differs from the Mediterranean draw commonly used in Western archery.

10. How can I improve my archery skills?

  • Regular practice, proper technique, and guidance from experienced archers are key to improving your skills. Participating in local archery clubs or events can also provide valuable experience and feedback.

11. What are the cultural significance and history of Mongolian archery?

  • Archery has been a vital part of Mongolian culture for centuries, historically used for hunting and warfare. It remains a symbol of Mongolian heritage and is celebrated in cultural events and festivals.

12. What are some famous archery competitions in Mongolia?

  • The Naadam Festival is the most famous event featuring archery. Regional competitions and local festivals also hold archery contests, attracting skilled archers from across the country.

13. How are archery targets set up in competitions?

  • Targets, or "surs," are placed on the ground at set distances, typically between 60 to 75 meters for men and 55 to 65 meters for women. Archers shoot a set number of arrows, and scores are based on accuracy.

14. Can I buy traditional Mongolian archery equipment?

  • Yes, traditional Mongolian bows, arrows, and accessories can be purchased from specialty shops in Mongolia or online. It's important to buy from reputable sellers to ensure quality and authenticity.

15. Where can I learn more about Mongolian archery?

  • To learn more about Mongolian archery, visit cultural centers, museums, and archery clubs in Mongolia. Online resources and books on traditional Mongolian culture and sports also provide valuable information.

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