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Mongolian milk from herder’s farm to your home

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Mongolians use over seventy types of traditionally made dairy products generally named as “Tsagaan Idee” in Mongolia. Since the time immemorial, Mongolians have been making dairy products and history shows that two thousand years ago, the Huns enjoyed an extensive range of dairy products, such as airag and aaruul.

The first Mongolian dairy producing factory was established in 1958, which is today’s Suu JSC. It has created the largest milk processing network by working collaboratively with over 2500 herders and farmers to meet the constantly increasing demand of the consumers. The company has consistently brought in the world-class modern technologies and formed a fully automated modern factory with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

Instead of its certain products, the name ‘Suu’ JSC (Suu means milk in Mongolian) itself became a brand in Mongolia. Their products are distinctive with their natural taste compared to the imported milks with ‘mixtures’ or other milk products that are manufactured in various technologies. Every country runs tests and experiments using various chemicals or use Tetra Pak packaging solutions to extend the shelf-life of milk products.

As for Suu JSC, the milks are packed in eco-friendly cardboards and spoils within three days. Under the slogan “From herder’s farm to your home”, the company has a daily capacity of processing 200 tons of milk and manufactures about 70 types of products as of now.

Mongolian milk tea
Mongolian milk tea

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