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Destinations Around Northern Mongolia

Updated: May 18

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Discover the Enchanting Charm of Northern Mongolia

Welcome to Northern Mongolia, a breathtaking region nestled in the heart of the vast Mongolian landscape. Prepare to embark on a remarkable adventure as you explore this pristine and awe-inspiring destination. From majestic mountains to sparkling lakes, and from nomadic herding communities to rich cultural heritage, Northern Mongolia offers a captivating experience like no other.

Natural Wonders of Northern Mongolia

Northern Mongolia boasts a diverse range of natural wonders that will leave you spellbound. The region is home to the majestic Khuvsgul Lake, often referred to as the "Blue Pearl of Mongolia." Its crystal-clear waters and surrounding picturesque mountains create a truly mesmerizing setting. Nature lovers will also be captivated by the stunning beauty of the Khangai Mountains, offering panoramic vistas and an opportunity for thrilling outdoor adventures.

Nomadic Heritage and Cultural Richness

Gateway to Untamed Wilderness

Outdoor Activities and Adventure

Plan Your Journey to Northern Mongolia

Fallen tree next to Khuvsgul Lake
Northern Mongolia - Khuvsgul Lake

The Northern part of Mongolia is mountainous. The mountains are covered with the forest on the north side and bared in the southern side with broad valleys dotted with nomads’ white gers and their countless animals. There are many scenic places, cultural and historical remains. Mongolian second biggest, the deepest and the earth's freshest water Lake Khuvsgul located in northern Mongolia. Also, northern Mongolia is southern edge of the Siberian Taiga. The reindeer people or Dukha Tribe inhabit in the depths of the Taiga and are about 400 people of 80 families. They live in tepee covered with canvas or animal skins. Their extensive knowledge of nature allows them to live in harmony with nature and use herbs and plants for food and medicinal purposes. They are even more dependent on nature than the Nomads elsewhere in Mongolia. The most famous shamans are among them. There is a documentary about an American family with an ill boy. They heard about the magic and healing powers of the Shamans and traveled to Mongolia to meet them. After the boy met with the shaman and shaman's practices, his parents felt the boy's condition had improved much. Since the production of the movie, many Americans have been inspired to travel to Mongolia to meet with Shamans. And if you’re interested in visiting the reindeer people, please check our Horse Riding in the Wild North Tour Below, you will find some information about the most attractive places of northern Mongolia.

Extinct Volcano Khorgo
Northern Mongolia - Khorgo volcano

​​Khorgo, Terhiin Tsagaan Lake National Park

Khorgo is the las