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The Hu Takes Austria by Storm: Unleashing the Power of Mongolian Rock at the Nova Festival

That's fantastic news! "The Hu" continues to make waves in the music scene with their energetic performances and unique blend of Mongolian rock. It's great to hear that they will be performing at the "Nova" rock festival in Austria today. The band's journey began on June 3 when they left Mongolia to embark on their artistic adventure.

Prior to their performance in Austria, "The Hu" also rocked the stage at the "Power expo & Fest" festival in Mongolia on June 1, showcasing their talent to their local fans. It's impressive to know that despite their busy schedule, they have also found time to work on their third album, displaying their dedication to their craft.

Moreover, "The Hu" is set to take part in the renowned heavy metal rock music festival, "Hellfest," on June 17, 2023, further expanding their international presence. With the release of their second album, "Rumble of Thunder," which features captivating tracks like "Uchirtai yuur," "Shikhihutag," "Tatar warrior," "Har Ayanga," and "Mother Nature," the band continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide.

The HU European Tour 2023
The HU European Tour 2023

Since their establishment in 2016, "The Hu" has achieved remarkable success and garnered international recognition. Their unique fusion of Mongolian traditional music and contemporary rock has resonated with listeners around the globe, establishing them as a truly exceptional Mongolian band.



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