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Nomadic lifestyle is still 30% of population in Mongolia 🇲🇳 

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Who are the Nomadic Mongolia?

Have you ever heard about Mongolia? Maybe you only know about Chinggis Khaan. Who were a great king and general. Let us give you some information about Mongolia.

Nomadic Mongolia - Baby horses
Nomadic Mongolia - Baby horses

What a cute baby animals. This is the scene from a real nomadic family 👪 🐴 🐮. This mare's milk-producing place. Baby horses tied up with this rope for some hours and mares have to be milk, otherwise too much milk dangerous for baby and mother animals. Another case that baby horses have to be protected from predators.

Nomadic family in the steppe
Nomadic family in the steppe

Nomadic Mongolia - Animals in Mongolia

In Mongolia, around 70 million animals (horse 🐴, cow 🐮, sheep 🐑, goat 🐐 , and camel 🐫) living in nature 🏞️ and 30% of the population live as nomadic, which is 280000 people. Which means nomadic people 👫 still live as well as ancient times. They are completely dependent on animals and climate. They travel one to another place through Mongolia. Mostly they sell animal products such as milk, meat, and dairy products. Another huge income is from the raw goat cashmere but only one time in a year. Nonetheless, they earn lower money than European or Asian in some countries, they live better conditions such as organic food, fresh air, and they have a strong immune system.

Our tourists visit Nomadic Mongolian Family
Our tourists visit Nomadic Mongolian Family

However, the recent years, nomads also give a sort of employment the tourists likewise offer accommodation and stay overnight with them as they are. Nomads eat dairy products, sleep in the yurt, play games and here is real communication. This is a win-win situation for each side. Tourists are really want to see real nomadic Life without cosmetic.

Mongolian nomadic family
Mongolian nomadic family

The rest of the people lives in cities and abroad. Capital City Ulaanbaatar is developing quickly nowadays, even you can see the latest automobiles, house 🏠design, get service. Which is a unique combination of modern lifestyle and amazing nomadic lifestyle.


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