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20 facts of Mongolia before you travel in Mongolia

1. In 1924, parliament declared Mongolian People’s Republic, and it was the second Soviet Country in the World.

2. The horse monument of Great Chinggis Khaan is the tallest horseman monument complex in the World. Chinggis Khan was the emperor and cornerstone of the Mongolian empire.

3. World-first protected area declared in 1778, and it named Bogd Khan Uul national park. Citizens of Ulaanbaatar hiking in the Bogd Khan Uul national park during the wintertime.

4. Mongolian capital “Ulaanbaatar” is the coldest capital in the world.

5. Netherland is 35 times smaller than Mongolia. Mongolia covers 1,565 million square kilometres.

6. 25% of snow leopards live in the West Mongolian region.

7. World last wild horse - Takhi and Gobi desert bear - Mazaalai live only in Mongolian landscape. Both animals are protected and registered as an endangered species in the red book.

8. Mongolian people drink mares milk, Bactrian camels milk for daily beverages. These drinks contain full of vitamins, minerals and protein for the human body, skeletons, and digesting systems.

9. Mongolia is the last wild nomadic country in the world. People live in a wooden and wool-covered yurt and herding animals as well as thousands of years ago. These nomadic people produce 60% of cashmere in the world.

10. In the countryside, people were riding a horse from 5 years old to 80 years old, which is the regular transportation of Mongolian nomadic.

11. Mongolia has slightly over three million people, by area of the 18th largest country on the earth.

12. Mongolia produces different mining products, e.g. copper concentrate, cocking coal and gold for the Asian market. Two big copper concentrators and some other coal mine located in central and south Mongolia.

13. Foreigners called that Mongolia is the land of the eternal blue sky because of 245 days on average.

14. The first dinosaurs eggs are discovered in great Mongolian Gobi by Roy Chapman Andrews on July 13th of 1923.

15. Annually about 450 thousand of tourists visit in Mongolia. Tourists wanted to travel in Mongolia, enjoy the beautiful landscape and discover a nomadic lifestyle.

16. Mongolian nomadic lifestyle is an environmentally friendly lifestyle in the world. Daily people produce their food and beverages from the animals and land. Food and drinks are the most healthy and people are stronger than city people.

17. Cleaning nose, pointing fingers, a loud voice is considered rude behaviour in Mongolian culture.

18. In northern Mongolia, reindeer herding people live in wild nature without electrical devices, modern supplies and social cares. Many local and foreign tourists visit them during the summer season.

19. In western Mongolia, nomadic eagle hunters live in the wild nature. They hunt wolves, foxes, rabbits with own eagles. In October, eagle hunters celebrate the golden eagle the most attractive festival.

20. Over 200 thousand of 3.3 million Mongolian live in abroad. Most of them study and work for the short term. Main reason Mongolian go abroad is to get higher education to fulfil modern mining companies, heavy industries and business development.

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