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Cultural Tours Mongolia (3 days)

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Cultural Tours Mongolia - 13th Century Camp 

The 13th Century Camp at Tsonjin Boldog in Terelj National Park near Ulaanbaatar is a recreation of a traditional Mongolian village from the time of Genghis Khan. Visitors can experience nomadic life through activities such as horseback riding and archery, and explore a museum showcasing Mongolian history and culture.

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Stay at Tourist Camp
1pax:$335 per person per day
2pax:$225 per person per day
3pax:$195 per person per day
4pax or more:$155 per person per day

Stay at Nomadic family
1pax:$260 per person per day
2pax:$165 per person per day
3pax:$145 per person per day
4pax or more:$115 per person per day


Day 1. Cultural Tours Mongolia- 13th Century Camp

Our first stop the to the Chinggis Khan Statue complex located in “Tsonjin Boldog,” a historical place where Chinggis Khaan found his golden whip. The statue created as a memorial to the Man of the Millennium “Chinggis Khaan.” The 40-meter high stainless steel statue of Chinggis Khaan on horseback is the largest of its kind in the world.


Next stop: Chinggis khan Statue

In the 13th century, national park visitors can enjoy annual celebrations, customs such as making felt cover for gers, sling wool, a sacred ceremony to praise flag, heaven by sacrificing, wedding, weeping camel, mare milking, sealing folks and organising three games of men. Here the guests can dine with King and Queens visit the residents of lords and learn to write in Mongolian scripts and play in the horse-headed fiddle.

Accommodation: Tourist camp (L+D)

Activities: Hiking, visiting museums and photo shooting


Day 2. Terelj National Park

We will explore the fantastic formation of rocks and stones; some of them look quite similar to turtles and visit one of a small Buddhist temple in Terelj national park.

  • Accommodation: Tourist camp (B+L+D)

  • Activities: Hiking, visiting museums, photo shooting and horse riding

Image by Adli Wahid

Day 3. Back to Ulaanbaatar

Return to Ulaanbaatar city. Today we will shop at cashmere factory stores of Goya and the Gobi, the most famous cashmere brand in Mongolia. (B+L)

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Mongolia tour includes
  • Transfers upon arrival and departure

  • English speaking guide at all times.

  • In the countryside, all lodging will be in ger camps and nomadic family’s Ger.

  • All meals are provided as stated in the itinerary.

  • Ground transportation: in the countryside by driven 4WD van, bus in the city area.

  • Park entrance fees

  • Horse and Camel ride

  • Sightseeing as per itinerary

  • 1.5 litre of drinking water per day per person

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Here's a list of exciting activities to do in Mongolia:

1. Visit museums and palaces in Ulaanbaatar to learn about the legendary Genghis Khan and watch history unfold.
2. Play traditional games using shagai or sheep’s bones while enjoying a cup of hot Mongolian tea.
3. Go horse riding in the wilds surrounding Lake Khovsgol and explore the sweeping grasslands along with the Tsataan tribes.
4. Enjoy the beauty of the Mongolian steppe countryside from the comfortable confines of a Trans Siberian train journey.
5. Hone your eagle hunting skills in the upper reaches of the majestic Altai mountain range.
6. Witness the awe-inspiring spectacle of national patriotism on display at the Naadam festival.
7. Take in the breathtaking view of the Flaming Cliffs, a wind-sculpted sandstone at Bayanzag in the Gobi desert.
8. Hike through the Khustai National Park and look out for Takhi or Przewalski horses, a species which was once extinct but now has been re-introduced to their habitat. 

Enjoy your time in Mongolia!

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