Mongolian tour guide
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We start our Mongolia Travel from Enza Tours LLC office. Before we start our guide and driver will introduce them. Khermen Tsav is a canyon with beautiful oasis. This place is more commonly known as the “Flaming Cliffs” of Khermen Tsav, famous for the discovery of dinosaur fossils. You will see there an eternally clear sky, blue mirages, golden sands and boundlessly expansive steppe lands, wild asses, ibexes’ camels, mountain sheep and gazelles flourish here, as do different types of flora. That’s the Gobi Desert of Mongolia! Not every tourist chose it.


1768 m high granite Stone Mountain in the territory of Adaatsag soum, Dundgobi aimag. They are not only rich in mineral and crystals, but also eye spring, old stone temple ruins related to the 17th century. We will hike around the mountain. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 1. Baga gazriin chuluu