Mongolian tour guide

We start our Mongolia Travel from Enza Tours LLC office. Before we start our guide and driver will introduce them. Khermen Tsav is a canyon with beautiful oasis. This place is more commonly known as the “Flaming Cliffs” of Khermen Tsav, famous for the discovery of dinosaur fossils. You will see there an eternally clear sky, blue mirages, golden sands and boundlessly expansive steppe lands, wild asses, ibexes’ camels, mountain sheep and gazelles flourish here, as do different types of flora. That’s the Gobi Desert of Mongolia! Not every tourist chose it.


1768 m high granite Stone Mountain in the territory of Adaatsag soum, Dundgobi aimag. They are not only rich in mineral and crystals, but also eye spring, old stone temple ruins related to the 17th century. We will hike around the mountain. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 1. Baga gazriin chuluu

It is located junction of the middle Gobi and south Gobi provinces. Tsagaan Suvraga (White Stupa) is interesting to see the sheer slope, facing east, which from a distance seems to be the ruins of the ancient city. Hiking is an excellent point. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 2. Tsagaan Suvraga

The mountains here are the highest in the Gobi Desert, and the rugged scenery is quite impressive, especially until mid-July while the ice in a gorge remains. Some wildlife viewing. We will walk 3km through a narrow valley, then 3 km back to the minivan. Stay overnight in camping out or Tourist camp.

Day 3.  ”Three beauty mountains” National Park

The Khongoryn Els is some of the most massive and most spectacular dunes in Mongolia. We will see beautiful views, massive dunes and a cold-water spring with a river that leads to two small ponds. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 4. “Khongoryn Els” dunes

We will climb and hike to the top of the highest dunes. There is an oasis near Khongor creek at the northern edge of the dune. The dunes make a sound like the plane engine on a windy day, so it is named as “Singing Dunes”. One hour camel ride trial. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp. 

Day 5.” Khongoryn Els” dunes

We will drive to Gurvantes village and sleep near mount “Altan uul”. Stay overnight in camping out.

Day 6. Altan Uul mountain

This place is more commonly known as the “Flaming Cliffs” of Khermen Tsav. A canyon made from thousands of years of erosion of red sand and which stretches for about 10km in the Gobi Desert. The area has desert plants and trees and offers very striking hiking opportunities. Upon arrival we will make camping out near the edge of the canyon’s mouth. Stay overnight in camping out.

Day 7. Khermen canyon

We will go hiking around this area and stay overnight in a camping out or nomadic Family ger. 

Day 8. Khermen canyon

Tsagaan Agui cave is in Tsakhir Mountain in Bayanlig sum of Bayankhongor province. This crystal cave is 40 meters long and is famous in the world by its beauty and trace of ancient people whom were living in that area. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s ger or camping out.

Day 9. White Cave

We will drive to Arvaikheer/center of Uvurkhangai province/ and stay overnight in hotel.

Day 10. Arvaikheer province

We will visit the local museum and visit the market to explore the local lifestyle. We will drive to the “Ulaan Tsutgalan” which means “Waterfall”. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp.

Day 11. Orkhon valley

We will go hiking around the area, where we will see beautiful picturesque views. and we will go horseback riding through the valley for a few hours. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger or Tourist camp. The activity will be horse riding. 

Day 12. Orkhon valley

We will drive to Tsenkher hot spring. You will be able to relax taking natural hot bath in the hot spring water. Stay overnight in tourist ger camp.

Day 13. Tsenkher hot spring

The symbolic ruins of the 13th century capital of the Mongol Empire. Visit Erdenezuu, the oldest monastery, with 108 stupas, built in 1586. Then visit Karakorum museum and see the Great Mongol state period, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Ancient state period halls. Stay overnight nomadic family or tourist camp. 

Day 14. Erdenezuu and Karakorum

On reaching the mountain after 4-5 hours you will arrive at a nomadic family Ger in front of this beautifully forested and rocky mountain. The mountain is home to hundreds of birds, deer, and gazelle. You will be able to go hiking to the temple ruin. Stay overnight in nomadic family Ger or Tourist camp. 

Day 15. Khongo Khan Nature Reserve

We will see Takhi, the Asian wild horse. If you have a chance, see wolf, argali sheep and deer. Enjoy small hiking and photographing the charming landscape and wildlife. Finally, we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar.

Day 16. Khustai National Park and Ulaanbaatar

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Discounts: 30% off for children under 2-6 years old



  • Transfers upon arrival and departure

  • English speaking guide at all times.

  • In the countryside, all lodging will be in ger camps and nomadic family’s Ger.

  • All meals are provided as stated in the itinerary.

  • Ground transportation: in the countryside by driven 4WD van, bus in the city area.

  • Park entrance fees

  • Horse and Camel ride

  • Sightseeing as per itinerary

  • 1.5 litre of drinking water per day per person


Not included


  • Accommodation in a hotel or hostel in Ulaanbaatar

  • Hotel extras, such as telephone calls, bar bills, and laundry services

  • Travel insurance, medical insurance

  • Visa application fees

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Personal expenses such as IDD call, the internet, laundry, items of a personal nature

  • Gratuity to local guides and drivers

  • Airfare or train ticket

  • Airport taxes, excess baggage charges (over 44pound / 20kilo)

  • Changes of arrival/departure flights

  • Additional services

  • Any charges of major force beyond our control (e.g., imposition, quarantine restrictions, etc…)

Packing list

This is a suggested packing list, which you should feel free to adjust to suit your needs. Please refer to our travel guide for more detailed information.


  • Backpack or soft bag

  • Waterproof bag cover

  • Daypack

  • Headlamp/flashlight

  • Spare batteries/bulb

  • Personal medications

  • Waterproof hiking boots

  • Waterproof jacket with hood

  • Waterproof over pants

  • Fleece jacket or wool jumper

  • Cotton t-shirts

  • Long sleeve shirts

  • Lightweight trousers

  • Shorts

  • Socks

  • Underwear

  • Sun hat

  • Sandals

  • Sunglasses

  • Sun cream

  • Insect repellent

  • Resealing (Ziploc) plastic bags

  • Binoculars/camera

  • Watch/ alarm clock

  • Money belt/ pouch

  • Insurance confirmation copy

Emergency contact number


  • •    Duration:  16 days, 15 nights
    •    Group Size: 4-16
    •    Overall and Tour:  Distance 2500 km
    •    Tour Operator:  Enza tours LLC
    •    Activities:  Horse and camel riding, hiking, visiting Erdenezuu temple and Kharkhorin museum and Khustai National park to see wild horses.

Do you want this tour? Contact us!

Enkhzaya Ganbold (Enza)

Staying In The Nomadic Family

(Budget Tour)

  • 1pax:170$ per person and per day 

  • 2pax:110$ per person and per day 

  • 3pax:95$ per person and per day 

  • 4pax:85$ per person and per day 

  • 5-12pax:75$ per person and per day 

Enkhzaya Ganbold (Enza)

Staying In The Tourist Camp (Accommodation with Hot Shower And Toilet)

  • 1pax:240$ per person and per day

  • 2pax:165$ per person and per day

  • 3pax:155$ per person and per day

  • 4pax:150$ per person and per day

  • 5-12pax:140$ per person and per day


Mongolian tour guide