Mongolian tour guide

This fantastic trip will take you to the historic sites from the Great Mongolian Empire in the heart of the world. It will be our pleasure to introduce these sites to you from their historical and cultural perspective and share our glorious histories with you. Mongolia has a lot to fascinate adventure seekers and nature lovers. This exciting tour presents you the least traveled part of the country – the Wild Eastern Mongolia with majestic Khan Khentii mountains – the Birthplace of Genghis Khan, the Three Holy Rivers of the Mongols, verdant grasslands covering the high plains with few inhabitants, and no fences and roads and the legendary sacred mountains where the “Mongol Good Men” took their oaths.
      Day 1. Khukh Nuur-Blue Lake and Chinggis Statue
Next, we will continue to the Chinggis Khan Statue complex is located in “Tsonjin Boldog,” a historical place where Chinggis Khaan found his golden whip. The statue created as a memorial to the Man of the Millennium “Chinggis Khaan.” The 40-meter high stainless steel statue of Chinggis Khaan on horseback is the largest of its kind in the world.
Next point: Khukh nuur lake
After the monument visiting, we will drive to small Lake Khokh Nuur where Chinggis Khaan was entitled as a Khan of Mongols in 1189 and listen to brief historical highlights about a significant event in the history of Mongolia. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, visiting a natural wonder, photo shooting, discover surroundings
     Day 2. Baldan Bereeven Monastery
We will visit the ruins of Bereeven Monastery. Once here you can walk around exploring the river, natural landscape and wildlife – a great place for photos. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, visiting a temple, photo shooting, discover surroundings
     Day 3. Deluun Boldog in Dadal village
Today’s destination is Deluun Boldog – Birthplace of Chinggis Khaan who selected as the ‘Man of the millennium’ of the world was born in 1162 in Dadal village Khentii province. 1-hour horse ride trail. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, visiting a Chinggis Khaan stone monument, photo shooting, discover surroundings
     Day 4. Kherlen River.
Drive to Kherlen River. Mongolian Great king Chinggis spent his childhood picking mushrooms and berries along the river. 
•    Accommodation: Camping out
•    Activities: Hiking, visiting a natural wonder, photo shooting, discover surroundings 
     Day 5. Shiliin Bogd Mountain in the Dariganga village
Two hundred twenty-two of Mongolian over 300 extinct volcanoes are in the Dariganga village. There are many tales about Shiliin Bogd Mountain and Dariganga country. When you climb the mountain, you will see many volcanoes, even mountains of China at the same time. The Steppe cave is the biggest and the most interesting one among Mongolian 200 caves. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or camping out
•    Activities: Hiking, visiting a natural wonder, photo shooting, discover surroundings
     Day 6. Ganga Lake and Moltsog Sand Dune
Our first stop is Bichigtiin Shahaa rock cliff. Our next point is a place called “Hurugiin Khundii”. It means “a valley has man stones”. Moltsog dune is the most eastern edge of the Mongolia dunes. It is covered with vegetation and combines with numerous natural springs. There are six lovely freshwater lakes. One of them is Ganga Lakein Ganga LakeNature Reserve, where more than a thousand migratory swans congregate in summer and autumn. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, bird watching, photo shooting
     Day 7. Nomadic family and wild natural
You can visit local nomads, and they will show you how they manage their livestock and how they make dairy products from milk and such as felt and leather. Stay overnight in a nomadic family’s Ger.
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting of nomadic, discover nomadic
     Day 8. Terelj National Park
One of the Mongolian tourists attract, Terelj National Park is a picturesque place of high granite cliffs that were eroded by the earth forces creating a magnificent landscape of granite tors as if sculpted by some giant sculptor. Terelj is only 65-70 km east of Ulaanbaatar. Let’s explore the extraordinary formation of rocks and stones; some of them look quite similar to giant turtles and after that visit one of a small Buddhist temple in Terelj national park
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, visiting a natural wonder, photo shooting, discover surroundings
     Day 9. Drive to Ulaanbaatar
Return to Ulaanbaatar city. Today we will shop at cashmere factory stores of Goyo and Gobi, the most famous cashmere brands in Mongolia.



1 PAX:     $150.0     TOTAL PRICE:     $1,350.0 
2 PAX:     $95.0     TOTAL PRICE:     $1,710.0 
3 PAX:     $85.0     TOTAL PRICE:     $2,295.0 
4 PAX:     $75.0     TOTAL PRICE:     $2,700.0 
5-12 PAX:     $60.0     TOTAL PRICE:    CONTACT US


1 PAX:     $215.0     TOTAL PRICE:     $1,935.0 
2 PAX:     $165.0     TOTAL PRICE:     $2,970.0 
3 PAX:     $155.0     TOTAL PRICE:     $4,185.0 
4 PAX:     $140.0     TOTAL PRICE:     $5,040.0 
5-12 PAX:     $120.0     TOTAL PRICE:     CONTACT US 

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  • Account name:  Enkhzaya Ganbold
  • Address:  D.Sukhbaatar’s Square 5 Ulaanbaatar 15160, Mongolia
  • Account №: 1145103091
  • Beneficiary's Bank addressGolomt bank of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar


    • Duration:  9 days tour, eight nights
    • Tour starting time: 08:30-09:00
    • Breakfast: 08:30, Lunch: 12:00-13:00, Dinner: 17:30-18:00
    • Tour ending time: 17:00-17:30
    • Group Size: 1-24
    • Tour distance:  Distance 1850 km
    • Mongolian Tour Operator:  Enza Tours LLC
    • Activities:  Horse riding, hiking, visiting the temple and Chinggis Khaan Statue

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