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The Khustai National Park is well known as a home to wild Przewalski’s wild horses; it is not the only attraction of the Park. Because the Park occupies such a full territory, there is ample opportunity for various outdoor activities such as takhi and bird watching, hiking, horse or camel riding, photo shooting and visiting ancient artefacts there. After our next destination is Kharakhorum city, which once served as the capital of the Mongolian Empire and an essential station of the Silk Road; and thus has much more to share than its current physical appearance. Next stop will be Elsen Tasarkhai, a marvellous oasis with dunes, vegetations, Lake and birds, Orkhon valley and waterfall.
     Day 1. Erdenezuu and the Kharakhorum
The Kharakhorum was established in 1220 and was the capital city of the Great Mongolian Empire. Chinggis Khaan and his descendant Khaan Ugudei, Guyug, and Munkh lived here ruling the empire. Soldiers of the Chinese Ming Dynasty destroyed the town in the 14th Century. The ruins of Karakorum have been protected since 1961 and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. Once we reach there, we will visit the “Erdenezuu” monastery to discover tombs, a temple, and a real Buddhist temple. After that, we will visit the Wall of the Mongolian Empire to learn information.  
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, visiting a natural wonder, photo shooting, discover surroundings
     Day 2. Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall
We will drive to the Ulaan Tsutgalan Waterfall; it is on the Ulaan River flows through volcanic basalt rocks formed by a unique combination of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes around twenty thousand years ago. The Waterfall cascades from an impressive height over 20 meters with a width around 10 meters and extends for 100 meters of the Orkhon River.
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, visiting a natural wonder, photo shooting, discover surroundings
     Day 3. Khugnu Khaan Natural Reserve
We will drive to the mountain “Khogno Khan” Nature Reserve. Once you reach the mountain, you will arrive at a nomadic family yurt in front of this beautiful forested rocky mountains. A mountain is a place of hundreds of birds, deer and gazelle. After we will go hiking around the area or to the small dunes nearby called “Elsen Tasarkhai”. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting, Horse riding
     Day 4. Khustai National Park and Ulaanbaatar city
We will see Takhi, the Asian wild horse. If you have a chance, see the wolf, argali sheep and deer. Enjoy little hiking and photographing the beautiful l, landscape and wildlife. Finally, we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar.


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    • Duration: 4 days tour, three nights
    • Tour starting time: 08:30-09:00
    • Breakfast: 08:30, Lunch: 12:00-13:00, Dinner: 17:30-18:00
    • Tour ending time: 17:00-17:30
    • Group Size: 1-24
    • Tour distance: Distance 1100 km
    • Tour Operator: Enza Tours LLC
    • Activities: Horse and camel riding, hiking, see eagle visiting Erdenezuu temple and Kharkhorin museum and Khustai National park to see wild horses.

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