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This trip covers the Western Part of Mongolia and is especially suitable for those who want to face new challenges and different experiences! There are about ten different ethnic nomadic groups that live in the area including Kazakhs. You will travel in the landscape of eternally snow-capped peaks of the Altai Mountains as much as rivers, streams, lakes and the forest zone of Khovd, Uvs, and Bayan-Olgii Aimags. An excellent tour which will fulfil all your hopes and desires.

Day 1. Flight to Khovd western Mongolia and drive to Tsenkher cave
Early morning transfer to the airport for your flight to Khovd, the capital of Khovd province. Our team will be waiting for you. Drive to Khoid Tsenkher cave (Northern blue cave). The rock paintings of the cave dating back 20,000-15,000 years ago rightfully considered as world class evidence of the Upper Paleolithic period. Various symbols and animals painted with rosy and brown colours deep inside the cave depict a quietly standing stage, a buffalo with horns, oxen, ibexes, elephants, ostriches, and two-humped camels.
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting, 
Day 2. Khovd and Khar-Us lake
Drive back to Khovd province via Khar Us Lake. There are we have an excellent opportunity to see varieties of birds and beaver. You can rest, the hearing sound of various waterfowls gathered in the lake. Visit the local museum in Hovd town. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting
Day 3. Bayan-Ulgii province via Tolbo Lake
Drive to Bayan-Ulgii province via LakeTolbo. Admire the beautiful view of majestic mountains on the way. Break the trip near the steep Tolbo Lake and free hiking there. Visit the Zahchin or Urianhai ethnic nomad family. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting, swimming
Day 4. Altai Tavan Bogd National Park
Today we will have full day drive to Altai Tavanbogd National Park (means The Holy Five) via Tsagaan Gol (White River) valley and through the Altai Mountains that are Mongolia’s most extensive and highest mountain range more than 3000-4000 meters high. One famous spot is “Shiveet Hairhan” Sacred Mountain, where we will see the most significant rock painting site from the period of the Huns (approx 200 B.C.)
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting, discover the surrounding
Day 5. Altai Tavan Bogd horse trek and Potamian Glacier
We will ride a horse (11km – you can hike also) to Altai Tavanbogd referring to the peaks of Huiten – 4374m and the highest. It is a stunning setting with the impressive massif of lofty snow-capped mountains. We will reach the 20km long Potanina glacier, which is ice river starts from Altai Tavan Bogd Snow Peaks. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting, Horse riding
Day 6. Uureg lake
Today, our destination is Uureg Lake. We will enjoy the rest of day leisure at the lake, nature walking, different bird watching, and swimming. Stay overnight in camping out from 15 km from the lake.
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting, swimming
Day 7. Bayan-Ulgii province
Drive back to Ulgii. On the way visit Kazakh Nomadic family and feel their grade hospitalities. Meet Kazakh Eagle hunter and see his magnificent bird. See how Kazakh women are making felt and other handy crafts. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting
Day 8. Uvs Lake
Drive to dune “Buurug del” via Ulaangom capital town of Uvs province. On the way, we will see Uvs Lake, a gigantic inland sea in the middle of the desert. Then drive to Buurug del dunes which are direct continues of Gobi desert and the most northern edge of the desert zone in the world. The dunes and surrounding mountains are designated wilderness; this is a great place to enjoy unspoiled natural beauty in a variety of ways. Here you can climb up to the dunes. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting, climbing dunes
Day 9. Free day and visit nomad family, camel ride
Today is a relaxing day. We will visit a local nomad family. There we have an opportunity to experience their way of life, their culture and traditions and ride a two-humped Bactrian camel. Mongolia has more than twenty different ethnic groups to speak their dialect. 
•    Accommodation: Family Yurt  or Tourist camp
•    Activities: Hiking, photo shooting, camel riding
Day 10. Drive back to Uvs.
After breakfast drives back to Ulaangom for your departure flight to Ulaanbaatar, take a small city tour including local museum and market — overnight in a local hotel.


1 PAX:  $   150.0 TOTAL PRICE:  $            1,500.0
2 PAX:  $     95.0 TOTAL PRICE:  $            1,900.0
3 PAX:  $     85.0 TOTAL PRICE:  $            2,550.0
4 PAX:  $     75.0 TOTAL PRICE:  $            3,000.0
5-12 PAX:  $     60.0 TOTAL PRICE:  CONTACT US 


1 PAX:  $   215.0 TOTAL PRICE:  $            2,150.0
2 PAX:  $   165.0 TOTAL PRICE:  $            3,300.0
3 PAX:  $   155.0 TOTAL PRICE:  $            4,650.0
4 PAX:  $   140.0 TOTAL PRICE:  $            5,600.0
5-12 PAX:  $   120.0 TOTAL PRICE:  CONTACT US 


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  • Account name:  Enkhzaya Ganbold
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  • Beneficiary's Bank addressGolomt bank of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar


    • Duration: 10 DAYS TOUR, nine nights
    • Group Size: 1-15
    • Tour starting time: 08:30-09:00
    • Breakfast: 08:30, Lunch: 12:00-13:00, Dinner: 17:30-18:00
    • Tour ending time: 17:00-17:30
    • Tour distance: Distance 2100 km
    • Mongolian Tour Operator: Enza Tours LLC
    • Activities: Horse and camel riding, hiking in the mountain, see the eagle, dunes,

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