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Destinations Around East Mongolia-Travel Mongolia

Updated: Apr 13

East travel Mongolia

If you are planning a Mongolia travel, Khukh Nuur or the Blue Lake of Black Heart should be on your list. It is a historically significant place where Chinggis Khaan was given the title of "The Great Khan of all Mongolia" in 1189. You can also find wooden statues dedicated to Chinggis Khaan and the next 32 kings of Mongolia in the surrounding forest area. Other interesting places to visit in Mongolia include the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan, Deluun Boldog in Dadal, the Baldan Bereeven Monastery, Rashaan Khad with ancient rock inscriptions, and Uglugch Wall, a red granite stone fortress that might have been a fort for archers or tombs for royalty.

Khukh nuur - Mongolia travel
Khukh nuur - Mongolia Travel

Khukh Nuur – Blue Lake in Mongolia travel

The full name of the lake is the Blue Lake of Black Heart. Black Heart is the pointed topped mountain on the north side of the lake. Blue Lake is a very important place in Mongolian history particularly of Chinggis Khaan (Genghis Khan). Here Temuujin (Chinggis Khan's childhood name) was given the title, “Chinggis Khaan”, and was invested as a “The Great Khan of all Mongolia” in 1189. The stone ruins of a ger with a diameter of 15 meters on the south side of this lake could be the ruins of the palace ger where Chinggis Khaan was procl