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Cashmere, wool, and leather products being showcased in Berlin


Mongolian cashmere producers are promoting cashmere products, leader products at Bazaar in Berlin, Germany during November 6-10. The fair which launched in 1962 brought and this year holding together over 500 producers from 60 countries.

Cashmere, wool, and leather products being showcased in BerlinCashmere, wool, and leather products being showcased in Berlin
Cashmere, wool, and leather products being showcased in Berlin

Those producers are members of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI). MNCCI representatives who are working in Germany visited the fair and met the participants. Also, MNCCI’s Chairman O.Amartuvshin and Secretary-General B.Saruul met with the event's general manager for Asia Ariane Zander, talking about broadening cooperation by increasing the number of participants from Mongolia as well as a variety of products, presenting Mongolia.

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